Involve your fans and customers. Offer the possibility to customize your products.

As a brand or a designer, your future success will depend on the way you engage your fan base. That's why Twikit helps you turn your fans into makers. We enable them to create personalized versions of your designs and products. Thanks to our tailor-made toolboxes and creation apps, they will get going in less than no time.

Our configurator is tailored to your needs and then integrated into your website or into an app. Your fans can easily use it to tweak and order personalized products. Once the creation is finished, Twikit's technology translates it into a digital design that is ready for 3D printing.

Through integration with a manufacturing service, Twikit takes care of the entire customization service until product delivery.

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Tweak and buy unique items

Why Twikit, 3D product customization?

Everything we do follows the belief that adding a personal dimension to products leads to greater and more valuable experiences. In fact creating, making and giving things a personal touch has been around for ages. Today modern craftsmanship and new making technologies like 3D printing are changing the way we look at products and the creation thereof. Customers want to be involved in the brands they like and are searching for personalized experiences - and especially in the products they care about. This is where Twikit comes in.

We've developed a solid cloud-based platform that allows end-to-end 3D product customization, in the easiest way possible. Brands and designers can integrate it into their digital platforms and customers can use the easy interfaces to tweak products, adding their personal touch. The platform automatically connects with a 3D printing manufacturer or other digital makers. Our Dashboard functionality gives a clear overview of all configurations, sales transactions and manufacturing jobs.

We believe that 3D product customization is key in the future of products and experiences. We're dedicated to make it happen.

Questions about 3D customization?

Twikit offers core customization technology and a broad range of category specific modules that deliver the optimal customization experience. In our first contact, we can give you insights in what modules would fit your profile.

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Wonder if your product category can become 3D customizable?

With the Twikit 3D customization solution a new world opens in product development and customer experience. Brands and retailers can now offer customizable products in their brick and mortar retail outlets or online and in mobile platforms. The end-to-end solution offers the easy to use interface, the functionality to prepare a 3D product to be customized and the link to digital production such as 3D printing and logistics.

how it works
3D Customization

3D designs are the core
of the experience

To offer outstanding 3D customization experiences there has to be a product offering that stands out, relates to consumers and has the right price point. Our 3D product developers can develop products on demand or work in collaboration with design teams. The products are added to the customizer and become customizable both visual and technical.

Customization Modules

3D Customizer experiences for multiple product categories

The possibilities of customization come to life in easy to use and interactive interfaces that run in web shops, mobile apps or in-store kiosks. Twikit customization applications can integrate with any platform tuned to meet brand guidelines and usability guidelines. In one application it is possible to offer a single product or a multi-category solution with a diversity of output production materials and techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, multi-coloring, ...

CMS and back office dashboard

Managing content and tracking orders from configuration to fulfillment is easy with the Twikit CMS and back office dashboard. This backend is part of the Twikbot engine and can run stand alone or can be integrated with existing back offices or ERP’s. Every configuration made by users in the frontend can be tracked and processed to third parties such as 3D print fulfillment and logistics providers. API integration and customized dashboards are only two examples of the many possibilities we offer to fine-tune the operational flow for 3D customized production.

CMS / Back-end

Fulfillment and shipping

A great product experience can only be achieved when the end result meets the expectations of your customers or goes beyond... At Twikit we are constantly searching to improve results with 3D printing and other digital production techniques. We do this together with leaders in the 3D printing and laser cutting industry. Twikit’s Twikbot engine links to a fulfillment party based on API protocols. We facilitate an end-to-end process from customization interface through production to final delivery by logistics providers at the customer or retail outlet.

Picture: Materialise production factory premises.

Twikbot, the core customization engine

The core of the solution is Twikit’s own Twikbot engine. The most advanced piece of 3D customization technology available with multi material (3D printing, cutting, engraving, coloring, ...) and assembling logics inside.


Any product idea you might have ...

Twikit offers core customization technology and a broad range of category specific modules that deliver the optimal customization experience. In our first contact, we can give you insights in what modules would fit your profile.

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Our collaborations

Get an overview of the 3D customization products we develop in collaboration with world renowned designers, bringing content and software together in one perfected 3D customization experience.

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Veritas custom holiday decoration

Veritas is a Belgian retail chain with more than 100 stores, well known for their fashion and customization accessories. Based on Twikit software solution, a 3D customiser was integrated in their Veritas webshop, allowing users to personalize their own Christmas decorations. The Twikbot takes care of a fluent fulfilment and production flow. Veritas and Twikit design teams are collaborating to continuously design and develop new 3D customizable products.

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Auchan - Yoomake


French leading retail chain Auchan starts with the offering of a full range of 3D customizable products that customers can personalize in-store with easy-to-use applications. Twikit delivers the core 3D customization software and is also responsible for product design of the full portfolio.

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Mr Maria

Mr Maria

In the heart of Amsterdam Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker founded their design studio where they shape ideas into pure, clean and warm creations fit for any interior and for children of all ages. With a new unique feature developed by Mr Maria and Twikit, you are able to create a personalized figurine night-lamp and by adding a personal touch you can create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Cute customizable night-lamps, 3D printed in multicolor sandstone and finished by hand.

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3D Trophy Factory

3D Trophy Factory

Our very own 3D trophy factory lets you create and build customized 3D trophies based on design templates. New designs are continuously added in the store, resulting in endless possibilities.

Customizable 3D trophies that take your event to the next level.

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Edith from Ambretine Koeketine challenged us with a very specific and detailed design that pushed the bar for Twikit to customize a highly detailed structure. Edith is a cheerful woman that always adds that little bit of love in every piece of refined jewelry she creates. With the new “Lace Collection” she developed with Twikit, you are able to customize your own silver lace jewelry with a personal message.

Personalize unique silver lace jewelry with your own words.

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The first encounters between the founders of the Irixs team go back to late 2013. From the start it was clear that we shared a passion: the possibilities that 3D printing could bring to eyewear and the way we experience it. Together we created a collection of 4 models, all customizable to your own personal liking.

Eyewear that fits your nose. Irixs uses 3D printing technology to create personal eyewear in a great design.

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Anne Zellien

Anne Zellien

Renowned Belgian jewelry designer Anne Zellien has always been interested in ‘Sentimental Jewelry’, a popular style in Europe during the 17th and 18th century that was known for personalizing jewelry with engravings and hidden messages. Together with Anne, we developed a way of customizing your own personal version of her all-time classic text necklace.

Your personal message (name or saying) on Anne Zellien's all-time classic necklace. Available in silver and gold.

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Coming Up

Store-in-store customization booth for a top 15 retailer offering a collection of 50 customizable products.

About Us

Hi, we’re Twikit. We are an Antwerp based start-up that is rapidly carving its place in the 3D world. What we do is fairly straightforward: we have built our own 3D customization engine, and are quickly developing a range of easy-to-use apps for that engine. That way, everyday people and brands can create unique 3D objects, without actually having to master the complex skills or software that is usually needed. We then link up with our great production partners to create those objects in real life.

We’re a highly creative (but also fairly hard-working) bunch of people with a common belief that 3D printing has a great future. We try to be that future. And we want you to join us with your talents.

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  • Gijs Hoppenbrouwers
  • Thomas Michiels
  • Thomas Michiels
  • Sam Van den Berghe
  • Georges Lieben
  • Georges Lieben
  • Martijn Joris
  • Frederik Claessens

We collaborate with the best

  • Bagaar
  • Materialise
  • iMinds
  • Retail Detail

We are currently looking for a...

Front-end developer

Front-end Developer

Digital Marketing Producer

Digital Marketing Producer

3D Designer


Front-end Developer

Some skills you really need (really, these are mandatory)

  • OpenGL (for C and C++, Objective C and Java)
  • WebGL
  • Geometry processing, 3D modeling and CAD *
  • Real-time rendering and global illumination *
  • Web development (Java/JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Objective C) *
  • Shaders en render techniques (post processing and shadow mapping) *
  • Serverside development (C, C++, PHP) *

* 3 out of 5 is ok, if you can learn really fast.

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Digital Marketing Producer

Some skills you really need (really, these are mandatory)

  • Bachelor or Master in Communications, Arts, Marketing, Journalism, Economics or related.
  • Knowledge and passion for writing, editing, photography, internet technologies, 3D, digital production and social media management experience is required.
  • Having experience with producing and managing digital assets is preferred.
  • Having (had) your own project managing digital content is a bonus.
  • You are a digital native with a sensor for everything that touches human senses.
  • Strong communications skills with an analytical and pragmatic approach to your job.
  • Ability to manage a variety of digital content projects simultaneously.
  • Excellent written, verbal, organizational and interpersonal communication skills, Dutch + English.

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3D Designer

Why we need you

Great 3D objects start with great design. And great design requires a vivid imagination, a hunger for new things and a playful mind that is always dreaming up strange and creative stuff. We believe you have all that. And we hope you can channel that curiosity and vision into new objects and products for our clients. So that we can blow them away with your designs.w We need you because you are a true 3D-champion, experienced and with some great projects in your backpack. But mostly we need you because you are passionate and relentless.

Some skills you really need (really, these are mandatory)

  • Excellent design and product development skills.
  • Creativity. And a lot of it. After all, you will be inventing a whole range of new customizable 3D-products.
  • A visual mind. And some good drawing or sketching skills to show us what that mind of yours is dreaming up.
  • Outstanding 3D modeling skills. You have to know what you’re doing with Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Z brush, Blender, ... Also: meshes and polygons shouldn’t scare you.
  • A good sense of marketing (a feel for all things commercial would be nice too).
  • A sense of digital applications design (this will make things easier on you).
  • A “let’s make this happen” mentality that suits our start-up.

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