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High Value Applications

Enabled through end-to-end workflows. Twikit supports companies to digitalize their workflow, resulting in customized products made on-demand with digital manufacturing technologies. 
Sports & Protective Gear
Building & Interior

End-to-end - Twikit covers the full customization process

The Digital Industrial Age has seen a remarkable evolution in 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies. It is now possible to produce complex products using CNC, milling, laser cutting, etc. Furthermore, the processes have been digitized, too.

Twikit developed a software solution which covers the entire process from customer order to production. Twikit’s proprietary software allows customers to design and interact with products according to their own needs bringing–at long last– mass customization to the factory floor.

Twikball TwikBot Technology
For automotive, construction and luxury
Twikball TwikFit Technology
For orthotics & wearables

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