Advanced personalization on-demand and at scale

The leading end-to-end product personalization platform. A unique customer experience, design & file generation automation, efficient order management, and a seamless connection to manufacturing.

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End-to-end personalization platform for on-demand digital manufacturing

  • icon Highly scalable cloud platform
  • icon Enabling a lot-size-one manufacturing workflow
  • icon Open API-driven architecture to connect with AM eco-system
  • icon Seamless integration with manufacturing and ERP Systems


Wrist cast

Lite version customizer

Lite version customizer

Try out the lite version of Twikit’s platform for custom-fit products. Customize the cast based on custom input and see the changes in real-time.

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End-to-end from customization to manufacturing

Web-based customer experience
A branded front-end experience allows you to add value through customization and end-customers to create their perfect self-designed product through an automated flow.
Manage orders efficiently
We enable smooth order management through automatically generating production files and make it almost effortless for you to process orders, track them, and scale both sales and production.
Connected to manufacturing
The Twikit open platform integrates with MES and ERP systems, connecting all the dots in a digital manufacturing workflow, facilitating a seamless chain.


Mobility customization

Custom-fit medical wearables

Personalized consumer products


Platform for advanced customization

Enter the next level of customization with the proprietary Twikit technology. A cloud-based platform that is seamlessly integrated into your customer experience and manufacturing workflow.

Scan-to-fit solution

Offer custom-fit orthotics and consumer products through an easy, quick, and reliable automated workflow.

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Personalized lattices

Laddy uses AI to transform pressure scan data into individualized lattices with guaranteed mechanical properties.

Connected from UX to digital manufacturing

The open model of the platform integrates seamlessly with other systems. Create, track, and manage orders for digital manufacturing. The on-demand production of personalized products has never been more straightforward.

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