TwikBot 5 makes mass customization possible for global brands

Our unique SaaS platform makes tailoring to a million individual customers finally possible. Thanks to a seamless automated flow, from product configuration to manufacturing and logistics, we enable an exceptional customer experience while keeping costs and product quality under control.

Customize like never before

From personalized stickering, foiling, wheels, eyewear to custom-fitted helmets. We can help you offer an exceptional high-end customization experience to elevate your brand.

Your brand, made personal

Offer unparalleled customization options to your customers while protecting your brand. For example, gaming fanatics can get their gear customized to their likings on a whole new level within the boundaries you define.

Advanced personalization

Most solutions can only offer design options like color changes or printed text. Our unique platform makes it possible to change the actual shape of specific elements of the product.

Avoid the classic scaling issues

  • icon Set up products and go to market in record time
  • icon Manage all processes within one flow, in the cloud
  • icon Use our expertise to align partners & business cases
  • icon Connect easily to existing enterpise manufacturing and ERP systems

Mass customization for the enterprise

Visualize your products, no matter how complex
A branded front-end experience that visualizes your products and closes the imagination gap. Let customers easily create their perfect self-designed product through an intuitive interface.
Manage orders efficiently
The platform enables smooth order management through automatically generated production files. Making it almost effortless to process orders, track them, and scale both sales and production.
Connect easily to your manufacturing flow
TwikBot 5 integrates seamlessly with MES and ERP systems, connecting all the dots in a digital manufacturing workflow, facilitating a flawless chain.


Automotive customization

Custom-fit medical wearables

Personalized consumer products

Discover TwikBot 5

Discover TwikBot 5

This brand new update is the culmination of 10 years of experience in advanced personalization for global brands, tackling the most common challenges they face: reducing costs and time to market, reducing complexity, facilitating scalability and anticipating large order volumes of complex configurations composed from large catalogs of SKU's.

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