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Creating superior 3D customization
for brands and retailers

We guide companies into 3D customization and digital manufacturing

Our software platform will take care of the full trajectory of your 3D product’s lifespan. From the complex design file to the consumer-facing manipulation panels. We’ll integrate with your existing business, and link you to the appropriate production facilities – be it 3D printing, laser cutting or other digital manufacturing technology. Additionally, Twikit Design Studio offers services for product ideation, design, and engineering.

About us

The Process Flow

The Process Flow

Process Step 1

It all starts with a product

The Process Flow

Process Step 2

Twikit processes your 3D design file

The Process Flow

Process Step 3

Define settings and parameters

The Process Flow

Process Step 4

Integrate interfaces into your channel

The Process Flow

Process Step 5

Link with production and shipment

Case Background
Client Work

Philips 3D Shaver

Philips collaborated with Twikit to create a customizable electric shaver

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When you engage customers in the design process, they’ll be able to form an emotional connection to your product, increasing brand loyalty and breeding a new brand ambassador.


Produce tailor-made products after the purchase is made. There is no need for inventory.

Consumer Interaction

When you let customers interact with your products through customization, they’ll be able to create something centered around their preferences. Their design choices will give you major insights.

Better Products

Digital manufacturing allows for a whole new type of product design and engineering. Our design studio is ready to assist you from ideation to product launch.

Fast Product Development

Your product begins as a digital file, enabling fast iterations for product changes and variations.

Your First Mile

Not sure how to get started with 3D printing and digital manufacturing technologies? Our standalone solution will help you get going.

Great ideas are born in conversations. Let's talk.

We want to hear about your products and ideas for customization.

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Sports brands are running wild for 3D printed shoes.

Sports brands are running wild for 3D printed shoes.

  3D printed shoes are all the rage the last few months, with top shoe apparel brands racing each other to bring the best 3D printed shoe to the market. This evolution makes sense for many reasons.

Make a better computer case.

Make a better computer case.

Modding is the act of modifying computer hardware, for aesthetical and functional purposes. Users can change the exterior by tweaking the case or engineer interior parts to improve components such as the cooling (These things get hot during a gaming all-nighter).

Text Jewelry – Beyond the Carrie Necklace

Text Jewelry – Beyond the Carrie Necklace

When Sex and the City first aired in 1998 , Sarah Jessica Parker’s character stood out because of her impeccable sense of style and her unique personality. One item that lasts throughout all 6 seasons and that made women green with envy : The Carrie Necklace.


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