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Creating superior
3D customization
for brands and retailers

Meet our latest case: Stan, your personalized standing desk.

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We guide companies into 3D customization and
digital manufacturing

Our software platform will take care of the full trajectory of your 3D product’s lifespan. From the complex design file to the customization panels. We’ll integrate with your existing business, and link you to the appropriate production facilities – be it 3D printing, laser cutting or other digital manufacturing technology. Additionally, Twikit Design Studio offers services for product ideation, design, and engineering.

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Our software and services

Offering 1

Integrate product customization in your existing business with our software platform

Offering 2

Find out the possibilities of digital manufacturing
and product customization

Offering 3

Get product design and engineering services with a high focus on customization and manufacturing

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Download our free poster on 3D customization

Twikit developed a framework to set up workshops on the power of 3D customization for brands.
Download our free poster as an introduction to this framework.

Case Background
Client Work

Philips 3D Shaver

Philips collaborated with Twikit to create a customizable electric shaver

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Mass Customization Monday #16

Mass Customization Monday #16

Once again we have trawled the depths of the internet and skimmed the surface to bring you the most interesting and relevant mass customization news of the week.

Mass Customization Monday #15

Mass Customization Monday #15

Yet another edition of Mass Customization Monday where we’ve searched high and low on the internets to find you the very best mass customization news.

Have you seen our Drone?

Have you seen our Drone?

At Twikit we’re continually exploring new technologies and applications to see what impact they will have on mass customization. One of the areas we’re most interested in is mass customization for consumer electronics and electronics.



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