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a scalable and cloud-based digital manufacturing software platform

Twikbot enables personalized and on-demand products at scale with digitized customization flows.

This is the era of mass-individualization. The Twikbot cloud platform is an end-to end- solution connecting the customer experience — such as a 3D interactive model of a product in a mobile browser — to digital manufacturing like 3D printing or CNC.

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Twikbot serves high value, high margin markets

Unlock the value of advanced personalization in your business

Delighting the modern customer requires product experiences that are extremely personal and on-demand. Whether it is a car interior or a made-to-fit prothesis, individualization creates high value. 

The Twikbot solutions are agnostic from legacy systems, manufacturing suppliers and capable to handle multi manufacturing techniques. The platform is the most advanced system to deliver mass customization at large scale meeting the highest manufacturing standards and trusted by enterprises worldwide.