Sculpteo x Twikit: Enabling Mass-Customization in the Medical Sector

Why has additive manufacturing become a real alternative to traditional manufacturing in the medical sector? Sculpteo partners with Twikit to help you improve your manufacturing process and benefit from Mass-Customization for your medical projects.

In an informative Ebook created together with our partner and 3D printing service bureau Sculpteo, we elaborate on how mass customization is key in the medical sector and the added value, focusing on orthopedics such as orthotic devices.   

Insoles and protective helmets are examples of orthotics suitable for the on-demand 3D printed manufacturing process for their functional and aesthetic features. These are achievable in a time and cost reductive manner thanks to mass customization. Are you interested in finding out how?   

Explore the adaptability for medical, mass customization’s value and the best tools for optimizing your process in the Ebook: Enabling Mass Customization in the Medical Sector.