3D-printed custom-fit braces, manufactured on-demand and at scale

July 30, 2021
There are many different orthotic braces for body parts ranging from knees to thumbs, and a wide range of inflictions can be healed with this type of orthoses. A brace promotes healing by preventing injury as well as providing additional support, stabilizing, or relieving pain for the patient. 


The proper use of a brace and the comfort it provides are two essential elements to consider. The improper use can further damage the patient, and discomfort will not promote patient compliance.   


That is why 3D-printed, perfectly made-to-fit braces can make the difference. 


Custom-fit braces through an automated and digital process

3D-printed made-to-fit braces can be created through an automated and digital end-to-end workflow that is TwikFit. Medical professionals can integrate the solution at their point of care and immediately create custom-fit braces for patients on the spot.  

The 3D-printed thumb brace fits seamlessly because it is based on a 3D scan.

It’s fast and reduces the need for manual labor and traditional methods using plaster by incorporating 3D scanning. A scan of a body part is taken within seconds and uploaded onto the TwikFit platform as a basis for the made-to-fit brace. The easy-to-use interface adapts the geometry of the product to the 3D scan data and creates a production-ready file for 3D-printing. 


Fitted to perfection 

Because TwikFit enables design automation for biometric customization, every brace is fitted to perfection. A meticulously fitting brace is created for each patient in a blink of an eye (compared to the traditional methods). On top of that, it allows for more patients to be treated in a short timeframe, bringing down the costs even more.  


The advantages of additive manufacturing braces

And, by using additive manufacturing methods, the braces are made from the most advanced materials. These innovative materials are very lightweight compared to a traditionally made cast or brace, improving comfort drastically.  

3D-printed braces allow for better hygiene because of the design freedom.

3D printing also helps to improve the patient’s hygiene when wearing a brace. The technology allows for the creation of braces that breathe and are not solid all the way around.  


Custom-fit braces, but make it personalized

One of the traditional downsides of wearing a brace before was the unappealing aesthetic. TwikFit not only allows for further adjustments by the professional but also allows options for personalization. They can choose the material, color, textures, and text or symbols to make the brace an accessory to their liking. Designing your brace will promote patient compliance and satisfaction. 

You can customize your brace to match your aesthetic preference and lifestyle.