A personalized and unique automotive experience that exceeds customer satisfaction

July 29, 2021


The constant development in the automotive market requires a close eye on consumer behavior and on which innovative approaches can enable OEMs to tap into opportunities.


Difficulties in making long-term connections with end customers, new trends in mobility such as changes in car ownership, and the importance of sustainability are noticeable shifts in consumer behavior.


These tendencies relate to customer experience, and that is the challenge for automotive OEMs. How do you engage with your end-customer and let them experience your brand while also standing out from the competition? A personalized and unique automotive experience that exceeds customer satisfaction.


To illustrate how this can look in reality for OEMs, Twikit presents the side fender badge use case.

The side fender badge entirely customized to the customer’s aesthetic.
Side fender badge: made for customization

A side fender badge is a creative statement on a vehicle that offers endless possibilities for personalization. Think of color, shape, structure, and symbols such as letters or numbers. These are parameters that can be changed depending on the customer’s aesthetic preference.   


And if it is time for something new, a side fender badge is easily (re)placed. It enables OEMs to retarget customers with new or special edition designs, creating a long-term relationship.     


A personalized side fender badge allows for a unique part of your car, enriching the customer experience from browsing to purchasing to owning.   

How did we produce it?  

For this use case, the side fender badges were designed by Studio Twikit and printed by Erpro Group on Carbon printers. The sleek look and vibrant colors are thanks to the finishing technique used, which is car spraypaint. The badge was designed and manufactured to blend into the design of the Volkswagen ID.3 seamlessly. 

Watch the video above for the full story on the personalization of the side fender badge through Twikit’s end-to-end digital and automated workflow.
Make a connection & make it personal

However you connect with your customer, whether it is off- or online, make sure it’s personalized.   


The unique automotive experience that Twikit enables begins with a web-based configurator showing the changes made to the side fender badge in real-time. A sleek and branded interface facilitates an immersive experience, while the customer also gets to be a part of the design process.   


Customized products can be ordered via the configurator directly online. Or configurations can be saved and revisited at the dealership, where a salesperson provides further assistance. By using this tool, OEMs are adding extra touchpoints through multiple channels and giving the customers the opportunity for interaction with the brand, which enhances the experience.   

Making the connection between the front- and back-end

Twikit connects all the dots from front-end to back-end. The personalized side fender badges created in the configurator are sent to production through the automated end-to-end software solution. Before being sent to the right facility, the platform creates files of the orders with all information required for production.   


Each order also receives a unique ID code either imprinted into the part or printed as a barcode, QR code, design, or symbol. The unique identifier can be used to track a part throughout the production, provide origin information, act as an anti-counterfeit measure, or assist in the logistics for assembly.    


The software solution for manufacturing on-demand and at-scale

Twikit’s software solution enables OEMs to manufacture personalized products, where a side fender badge is an excellent example of on-demand and at-scale through an automated workflow. Brands can now offer a rich and unique automotive experience that improves customer satisfaction on a short and long-term basis.