A rich customer experience: web-based customizers

July 23, 2021


As everything is digitalized and goes online, so does consumers’ buying behavior. And, during the current circumstances, the number of people purchasing online has exponentially increased. This is partly due to new features and tools being developed and making online shopping on e-commerce platforms a rich customer experience, such as a customizer.
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A unique and personal customer experience

A tool such as a web-based live customizer that shows changes made to the product in real-time engages the end customer. It includes them in the design process and lets them interact with the brand in a new way. And, as the customer is invited to create their item, they will tend to be more satisfied with the final product. Because how can you dislike a product that is made for you by you? 

An online customizer is a new touchpoint that can be limited to the web or integrated into an offline strategy. For example:     

  • The customer customizes their product online in the customizer and immediately orders it via the e-commerce platform.  
  • Or, the customer customizes their product online but saves their customizer to bring it digitally with them for their next visit at the physical store. They end up consulting with the sales clerk and make their purchase in person.   


The seamless integration of a customizer into any platform

Twikits assists with the seamless integration of a customizer into your website or e-commerce platform.   

The Twikit web SDK contains website publishing tools and a client-side JavaScript library. The JavaScript library has a rich set of functionalities for adding a 3D canvas with configuration options and translations to your website. The Twikit SDK allows the customizer to fuse with every webshop or website with just a few lines of code. It embeds in the front-end code, which also saves the user server costs.   


Further, Twikit web SDK also grants a company’s in-house IT team to style the configurator themselves. The in-house IT team is then able to style the platform themselves to fit seamlessly into the website.