ActivArmor and Twikit announce collaboration that will scale their offering of 3D-printed custom-fit casts

November 10, 2021
ActivArmor, the producer of the only waterproof, breathable, and sanitizable custom-fit plastic cast in the U.S. consumer marketplace, automates its scan-to-fit-to design and print process with Twikit.


ActivArmor focuses on empowering patients to maintain their active lifestyles while wearing a cast. Their advanced 3D-printed cast designs realize this. Because these casts are thoughtfully created with the patient’s comfort in mind, they also save physicians time and increase clinic efficiencies by reducing skin irritation complaints.
ActivArmor’s braces are water resistant and allow the maintenance of an active lifestyle while wearing a splint.
Automated end-to-end workflows for scaling up and expanding

Today, the fit-to-print steps for ActivArmor’s groundbreaking products are still done manually. The device is manually fitted and designed based on a 3D scan, and the preparation for 3D printing is not automated. It takes trained staff a lot of time and makes it challenging to scale up global sales as well as production.


The scan-to-print workflow which Twikit enables through the TwikFit platform, allows ActivArmor to scale-up sales, both inside the U.S. and internationally. through distributed manufacturing. An automated and digital flow is key to facilitating this chain and, at the same time, makes the design process quick and easy.


TwikFit, an end-to-end universal platform for custom-fit products

Twikit’s platform for custom-fit orthotics and wearables, TwikFit, is the 3D scan-to-print web-based software solution for medical- and consumer brands who aim to offer and manufacture made-to-fit products at scale with digital manufacturing. The platform is universal and 3D printer agnostic. It includes an admin portal, an order management dashboard and a direct manufacturing connection.

The TwikFit platform enables an end-to-end flow for additively manufactured custom-fit orthotics and sports gear.

By integrating TwikFit into ActivArmor’s current workflow, sales and production can be scaled up through end-to-end automation. They will be able to expand their market while also assisting physicians in saving time, treating more patients, and capturing the added value of 3D-printed custom-fit casts and splints through design automation.

“It’s about the end-to-end package.”

“We partnered with Twikit to offer it as a package that can be implemented into any practice anywhere and manufacture custom devices. It is about the end-to-end package.”

– Diana Hall, President & Founder of ActivArmor

“For us, ActivArmor is a true pioneer. Their offering is the perfect example of how better made-to-fit products can be created for patients through additive manufacturing. We are proud to be their partner for scaling up global sales and production through end-to-end automation.”

– Martijn Joris, Co-founder & CEO of Twikit

Spring 2022: Eight casts and advanced customization parameters
Spring 2022 eight braces and more advanced features will be available in the TwikFit platform.

The wrist brace cock-up is available in the platform today together with a set of features in the design platform, such as anatomical markers to fit the brace to the 3D scan and the customization of the open space for the wrist bone and the length of the brace. The flow will be showcased at Formnext 16-19 November 2021.

From Spring 2022, the ActivArmor solution, powered by Twikit, will have eight different casts and advanced features which allows physicians to create custom-fit 3D-printed products that fit the patient meticulously such as scan modification functionalities.

The physician will upload a 3D scan, design the wearable to fit the patient’s needs, and send the production file ready for 3D printing to the printer or local manufacturing facility in a few clicks. Parameters like brace outline, length, and thickness are made configurable. And, when the clinician is satisfied with the design result, a manufacturing file is created in the Twikit cloud and is sent to a local 3D printer for manufacturing.

Discover the end-to-end workflow at Formnext 16-19 November

Are you interested in learning more about the automated 3D scan-to-fit-to-print workflow that is ActivArmor, in collaboration with Twikit? Diana Hall herself will virtually showcase the end-to-end process at the Twikit booth (hall 12, booth E41) at Formnext on November 16 at 4:00 pm.

For more information on the digital end-to-end workflow that TwikFit enables for custom-fit orthotics and wearables, connect with us! 

About Twikit

Twikit is a technology company with a sharp focus on mass customization and digital manufacturing for brands and industries across all continents. The company offers a cloud suite of SaaS products that enables an end-to-end mass customization workflow for automotive, orthoses, protective and sports gear, interior and construction, and lifestyle and wellness. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with offices in the U.S. and China.

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