Twikit for Building & Interior

Form and function are inherent in all building interiors and exteriors. A 3D visualization and real-time configurator tool is a powerful asset. Colors, textures, patterns and materials are produced to fit the customers’ needs. Whether adding a corporate logo, pattern or drawing to an existing product, each change is visualized in real-time and can be exported to the right production process.

Tailor-made design

The TwikBot platform enables the visualization and production of tailor-made interiors. The end-consumer designs and visualizes its own interior live in a web browser. The products are completely personalized to fit the consumers demands. Customized dress walls, doors, windows, light switches, … are only a few examples of the many possibilities.

Twikit offers an end-to-end solution. Parametric configuration enables both visual modifications and direct technical output for the right digital manufacturing technology. Our API connects directly to preferred production facilities. No matter if it requires CNC, Laser cutting or 3D printing.

Featured case


Portapivot partnered up with Twikit to digitalize and scale the production of their business model. The collaboration resulted in an online configuration tool containing all their products. This tool was implemented in their website, so their customers could configure their personal doors and dress walls. The output parameters are universal and can be sent to any local production facility in the world, enabling Portapivot to scale its business rapidly to other countries.


This solution is powered by TwikBot

TwikBot is a cloud platform that offers end-to-end personalization software that enables customer experience. Think of 3D interactive product models that can be viewed and customized in a mobile browser or manufactured through digital technologies. Production files are generated automatically based on unique custom orders.

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TwikBot for Building & Interior

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