Applications for orthotics

Custom-fit products for improved comfort

Twikit has developed applications that can be used as plug and play with standardized templates. New ideas and applications can be designed together on request.

Hand brace

Whether for fractures or repetitive injuries, immobilization is key to treatment for traumas to the hand. The TwikFit technology promotes healing without complications because of its made-to-fit form. Patients can choose from an array of materials, colors, textures to create a personalized composition that supports healing using the latest advancements in technology. Form scraping and shaping ensures a reduction in friction and pressure combined with an increased comfort. This results in an overall better experience for the user.


The innovative shift to 3D-printed insoles based on 3D scanning replaces the lengthy process based on molds, with a digital flow. This workflow does not only ensure the insole to follow the shape of the foot precisely but also decreases the time between order and delivery. The TwikFit Cloud Software creates these made-to-measure insoles in a seamless and automated way.

Twikit insoles


TwikFit Helmet is a solution for made-to-fit protective helmets. The platform allows for the modification and adaptation of a digital helmet file to the measurements of a 3D scan. Because of its automated workflow, creating a custom-fit helmet is efficient, quick, and reliable. The level of energy absorption can be adjusted according to client requirements and needs, keeping the weight and safety of the product in mind. Finally, aesthetical customization is possible also through the TwikFit Helmet platform.

The result is a highly effective, lightweight, protective helmet that is custom-fit through a seamless workflow.

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ankle Foot Orthosis can have a significant influence on a treatment’s efficacy. The orthosis are made and customized with advanced technologies in 3D printing. New geometries allow for stronger structures. Personalized choices in colors or material can mean greater compliance. The form scraping and shaping ensures greater comfort for an overall better experience.

Wheelchair cushions

The attention to the unique features of a person’s physique helps prevent pain and pressure build-up (and potentially ulcers) that stem from misalignment and poor weight distribution. The ability to customize the cushion to meet the person’s aesthetic preferences is a bonus.

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