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Innovation in customized equipment

Raising the bar

The TwikFit solution enables sports brands to offer custom-fit sports and protective gear with the most comfortable and secure fitting possible. Digital manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, allow manufacturing individualized custom-fit products on demand.

The scan-to-fit process starts with uploading a 3D-body scan to the TwikFit platform. Based on the scan, the TwikFit software adapts the model of the product to the measurements of each individual. Additionally, structural or aesthetical modifications can be done. Structural modifications to improve protection or be more lightweight. Aesthetical modifications to allow the consumer to choose between pre-defined colors, patterns, texts, etc.

The TwikFit solution is compatible with a wide range of scanners and 3D-printers.

Swimming Aid

Deep Dive In Innovation

Swimming is a racing sport in which seconds make a difference. Increased technique results in increased swimming speed. Swimmers create the largest possible surface area with their fingers, thumb, and hand palm. By creating this large paddle, a greater pulling force can be exerted during each stroke. But, there is more in play than just squeezing your fingers and thumb together.

A swimming aid helps to build muscle memory to create the optimal hand position. Since every second matters, a generic swimming aid will not do the trick for every swimmer. Customizing the swimming aid to the physical dimensions of the swimmer’s hand will give him the possibility to increase its technique and speed.

Customized handlebars

Hands-on Customization

Additive manufacturing allows customization in both aesthetical as functional applications. Customization of handlebars mainly has an aesthetical role. Different designs can make your (motor) bike stand out from others. 3D printed handlebars can take a huge variety of shapes and structures to guarantee a unique touch.

Functional customization can include weight-reduction, improved aerodynamics, or more support. By changing the form to a more ‘wing-shaped’ handlebar, you create a larger surface which provides you with more support and comfort.

Customized Golf Grips

Innovation At Hand

Additive manufacturing is finding its way into golf. Functionality and aesthetics are the main drivers for manufacturers and end-users to tap into these production techniques.

Positioning your hands correctly around a grip is one of the basic aspects of a good technique. This is not as simple as it seems. Without frequent feedback from a golf pro, it is almost impossible to get that grip right as a starting golf player. Even for advanced players, it is recommended to check the position of your hands, given that a lot of bad ball flights result from a bad hand positioning. A training grip allows you to build up muscle memory.

Featured case

Batter Helmet

Together with nTopology and EOS, Twikit created a software solution to modify and adapt a digital file of a helmet, to the measurements of a previously made 3D-scan. After the adaptations and modifications are done, the digital file can be send to almost any 3D-printer for production.

The level of energy absorption is optimized based on the experience of the player, keeping the weight and the safety of the product in mind. This service is the first of its kind in the sport. After the stuctural adaptation, aesthetic attributes such as color and text can be selected. When the product is completely configured to the consumers preferences, the unique file is exported to be digitally manufactured.

The result of this co-creation is a highly effective, light weight protection helmet where practical and aesthetical customization meet.

3D-printed sport helmet
Customization without boundaries

Accelerating Innovation

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce lightweight and high-performance sports equipment. These innovative manufacturing techniques have advantages like increased R&D and production efficiency, fuzing multiple parts into one printable part, and use 3D printing to produce equipment with the same or even improved technical and structural capacities while being lighter.

Current sports industries have huge opportunities with additive manufacturing and customization. Are you curious about how your company or sports industry can excel by taking advantage of additive manufacturing? Get in touch!


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TwikFit is a modular extension of the TwikBot platform for orthotics; with TwikFit you can create products based on 3D scans for a customized fit for personal body measurements, wear and comfort.

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