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The TwikFit solution enables sports brands to offer custom-fit protective gear with the most comfortable and secure fitting possible. Digital manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, allow to manufacture individualized custom-fit products on demand.

The scan-to-fit process starts with uploading a 3D-bodyscan to the TwikFit platform. Based on the scan, the TwikFit software adapts the model of the product to the measurements of each individual. Additionally, structural or aesthetical modifications can be done. Structural modifications to improve protection or be more leightweight. Aesthetical modifications to allow the consumer to choose between pre-defined colors, patterns, texts etc.

The TwikFit solution is compatible with a wide range of scanners and 3D-printers.

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Together with nTopology and EOS, Twikit created a software solution to modify and adapt a digital file of a helmet, to the measurements of a previously made 3D-scan. After the adaptations and modifications are done, the digital file can be send to almost any 3D-printer for production.

The level of energy absorption is optimized based on the experience of the player, keeping the weight and the safety of the product in mind. This service is the first of its kind in the sport. After the stuctural adaptation, aesthetic attributes such as color and text can be selected. When the product is completely configured to the consumers preferences, the unique file is exported to be digitally manufactured.

The result of this co-creation is a highly effective, light weight protection helmet where practical and aesthetical customization meet.

3D-printed sport helmet

This solution is powered by TwikFit

TwikFit is a modular extension of the TwikBot platform for orthotics; with TwikFit you can create products based on 3D scans for a customized fit for personal body measurements, wear and comfort.

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