Each car a unique & personalized design: the Twikit car wheel configurator

August 19, 2021   High-end configurators that have advanced connections with manufacturing processes enable mass personalization for different industries. Such as automotive. We created a configurator as a visual example of how your customer’s experience would look like.      Try the configurator yourself here and learn more about the advantages of personalization and web-based configurators below.      … Continued

New functionalities and an updated user interface for TwikFit: the platform for a seamless, quick & dependable workflow for custom orthoses

August 12, 2021   We are continuously improving the software products and taking valuable client feedback in consideration.     Our most recent update: an upgraded TwikFit user interface. TwikFit is the technology which makes your company’s orthotics custom-fit while digitizing and automating the creation process of medical wearables, such as insoles, hand braces, and helmets. Our … Continued

3D-printed custom-fit braces, manufactured on-demand and at scale

July 30, 2021   There are many different orthotic braces for body parts ranging from knees to thumbs, and a wide range of inflictions can be healed with this type of orthoses. A brace promotes healing by preventing injury as well as providing additional support, stabilizing, or relieving pain for the patient.    The proper … Continued

A rich customer experience: web-based customizers

July 23, 2021   As everything is digitalized and goes online, so does consumers’ buying behavior. And, during the current circumstances, the number of people purchasing online has exponentially increased. This is partly due to new features and tools being developed and making online shopping on e-commerce platforms a rich customer experience, such as a … Continued

Five advantages of 3D scanning for orthotics

July 15, 2021   As technology has evolved for the creation of orthoses, so have the advantages increased. A digital workflow is replacing the traditional labor-heavy process. In this blog, we discuss 3D scanning and how it benefits the production of medical wearables for both practitioner and patient!   How does a 3D scanner work? … Continued

Enabling the future of automotive: end-to-end automated workflow for individualized parts at scale and on-demand

July 7, 2021   Consumers are searching for a personal experience now that the options for mobility are numerous. Depending on their lifestyle, ownership has a different meaning for every individual. How do OEMs respond to the tendency of unique driving experiences for every end-customer while also standing out amongst the competition? That is why it is becoming more urgent than ever for … Continued

Twikit Live module: connecting front-ends with on-demand and de-centralized manufacturing

June 16, 2021   Made-to-fit products generated through on-demand digital manufacturing require a fully digital chain. In this blog, we’ll focus on the logistics and manufacturing part of the chain. How can sustainable manufacturing be accelerated through a digital, on-demand, and automated workflow? Well, Twikit’s Live platform module connects the dots between the design automation kernel and the … Continued