End-to-end solution: seamlessly connecting the customer experience with manufacturing

September 16, 2021   The Twikit software connects the interactive customer experience with manufacturing at scale and on-demand. It enables a seamless, digital flow that enhances the potential of customization for consumer brands. Continue reading to discover how. An interactive and unique customer experience When a customer starts their customization journey, they first visit a web-based customizer. Here they will find a … Continued

It’s all in the details: car key cover personalization

September 8, 2021   To showcase the manufacturing and aesthetic possibilities of mass customization for automotive, Studio Twikit developed a customizable key cover concept for a Volkswagen ID.3 that can be realized through the Twikit end-to-end software solution on-demand and at scale.     We created impactful designs for a side fender badge, a door sill, and a key cover. What … Continued

Old made new: mass personalization through leather stamping & additive manufacturing

August 25, 2021   Leather stamping is a traditional and paramount technique for finishing luxury fashion accessories or car interiors. Consumer brands currently mainly apply it to emboss logos, model, or edition names. But the possibilities of leather stamping go way beyond standard emblems. Incorporating innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing enables personalization through leather … Continued

Each car a unique & personalized design: the Twikit car wheel configurator

August 19, 2021   High-end configurators that have advanced connections with manufacturing processes enable mass personalization for different industries. Such as automotive. We created a configurator as a visual example of how your customer’s experience would look like.      Try the configurator yourself here and learn more about the advantages of personalization and web-based configurators below.      … Continued

A rich customer experience: web-based customizers

July 23, 2021   As everything is digitalized and goes online, so does consumers’ buying behavior. And, during the current circumstances, the number of people purchasing online has exponentially increased. This is partly due to new features and tools being developed and making online shopping on e-commerce platforms a rich customer experience, such as a … Continued

Enabling the future of automotive: end-to-end automated workflow for individualized parts at scale and on-demand

July 7, 2021   Consumers are searching for a personal experience now that the options for mobility are numerous. Depending on their lifestyle, ownership has a different meaning for every individual. How do OEMs respond to the tendency of unique driving experiences for every end-customer while also standing out amongst the competition? That is why it is becoming more urgent than ever for … Continued

Pushing the boundaries of mass customization: customized car parts

March 25, 2021   The introduction of additive manufacturing and customization in the automotive sector is a game-changer. It provides the opportunity for innovation by adding personalization to a vehicle experience and, by this means, improve customer satisfaction. Automotive manufacturers can add value to their high-end products through customization and 3D printing.     Twikit pushes the boundaries … Continued

Leather stamping: endless amount of possibilities

June 17, 2020   Leather has been used for centuries for a wide variety of products (luxury goods, furniture, high-end sports equipment and car interiors). Leather is a versatile material that allows manufacturers to produce creative products with a luxurious finish. 3D-printing and digital manufacturing techniques can bring those products to an even higher level with personalization.   Twikit developed a software solution to reach this level … Continued