End-to-end solution: seamlessly connecting the customer experience with manufacturing

September 16, 2021   The Twikit software connects the interactive customer experience with manufacturing at scale and on-demand. It enables a seamless, digital flow that enhances the potential of customization for consumer brands. Continue reading to discover how. An interactive and unique customer experience When a customer starts their customization journey, they first visit a web-based customizer. Here they will find a … Continued

4 reasons why sports gear and additive manufacturing through a digital workflow are a perfect match

September 1, 2021   Additive manufacturing or 3D printing enables products to be made lightweight, custom-fit, sustainable and produced on-demand. Several sports industries have discovered the many advantages of working with this innovative technology. Think of running shoes with 3D printed soles and insoles, a custom-fit batting helmet, or customized (motor) bike handlebars.   This … Continued

Old made new: mass personalization through leather stamping & additive manufacturing

August 25, 2021   Leather stamping is a traditional and paramount technique for finishing luxury fashion accessories or car interiors. Consumer brands currently mainly apply it to emboss logos, model, or edition names. But the possibilities of leather stamping go way beyond standard emblems. Incorporating innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing enables personalization through leather … Continued

New functionalities and an updated user interface for TwikFit: the platform for a seamless, quick & dependable workflow for custom orthoses

August 12, 2021   We are continuously improving the software products and taking valuable client feedback in consideration.     Our most recent update: an upgraded TwikFit user interface. TwikFit is the technology which makes your company’s orthotics custom-fit while digitizing and automating the creation process of medical wearables, such as insoles, hand braces, and helmets. Our … Continued

A rich customer experience: web-based customizers

July 23, 2021   As everything is digitalized and goes online, so does consumers’ buying behavior. And, during the current circumstances, the number of people purchasing online has exponentially increased. This is partly due to new features and tools being developed and making online shopping on e-commerce platforms a rich customer experience, such as a … Continued

Twikit launches Laddy at AMUG: on-demand lattice individualization with guaranteed mechanical properties

April 29, 2021   At the AMUG conference 2-6 May in Orlando, Twikit is unveiling their latest cloud suite product, Laddy. The innovative software solution will enable brands to capture the value of mass customization even further through lattice individualization.      Are you curious about what we are launching in May, and do you want to see a demo? Discover the possibilities of … Continued

Custom jewelry: automating the design process

February 9, 2021   Jewelry making is a respected artisanal craft. Nevertheless, the traditional way of designing and creating custom jewelry is demanding for both jeweler and customer.    Even though a custom piece of jewelry unique to you sounds very interesting, several aspects withhold consumers from investing. They think of it as a slow and … Continued

Mass customization for interior design

January 14, 2021   PortaPivot has a worldwide customer base and is a leading innovator in high-end architectural hardware for custom interior doors. Their philosophy is to combine their strength and knowledge in technology, engineering, and design with craftsmanship. PortaPivot recently introduced an on-demand business model making the switch to a completely digital manufacturing flow.  … Continued

Decathlon: design your custom product in-store

December 17, 2020   The drive to find innovative product solutions to distinct yourself from competitors and provide the customer with the highest possible value is essential for getting ahead in retail. Or staying ahead. Since consumers seek more custom products that fit their exact needs, companies find their way to digital production processes. Decathlon … Continued