5 reasons to switch to a digital workflow for custom-fit orthotics 

Digital manufacturing for orthotics is innovation at its best, but that does not mean it is difficult to introduce into traditional workflows. . Orthobroker switched to an automated design flow, enabled by Twikit. They can now offer their proprietary products via an easy-to-use web-based personalization platform.   The advantage of plug-and-play software solutions is that … Continued

Orthobroker switched to an automated digital end-to-end flow, supported by Twikit

May 13, 2021   Orthotics manufacturers can offer their clients a fully automated workflow for custom-fit products through the Twikit scan-to-fit technology. A software platform made to integrate into your business and adapt to your requirements.    Orthobroker, who has decades of experience in the paramedical and orthopedic sector, switched to digital manufacturing processes supported by … Continued

ActivArmor and Twikit announce collaboration that will scale their offering of 3D-printed custom-fit casts

November 10, 2021   ActivArmor, the producer of the only waterproof, breathable, and sanitizable custom-fit plastic cast in the U.S. consumer marketplace, automates its scan-to-fit-to design and print process with Twikit.   ActivArmor focuses on empowering patients to maintain their active lifestyles while wearing a cast. Their advanced 3D-printed cast designs realize this. Because these … Continued

How to improve the orthotic workflow: end-to-end digitization

September 23, 2021   A digital workflow for custom-fit orthotics can improve the daily processes in orthopedic practices and make them more efficient. Not only for the orthopedists themselves, but it also benefits the administrative staff and the patients. TwikFit is Twikit’s software platform for custom-fit orthotics such as insoles and braces, enabling an easy, quick, and … Continued

End-to-end solution: seamlessly connecting the customer experience with manufacturing

September 16, 2021   The Twikit software connects the interactive customer experience with manufacturing at scale and on-demand. It enables a seamless, digital flow that enhances the potential of customization for consumer brands. Continue reading to discover how. An interactive and unique customer experience When a customer starts their customization journey, they first visit a web-based customizer. Here they will find a … Continued

New functionalities and an updated user interface for TwikFit: the platform for a seamless, quick & dependable workflow for custom orthoses

August 12, 2021   We are continuously improving the software products and taking valuable client feedback in consideration.     Our most recent update: an upgraded TwikFit user interface. TwikFit is the technology which makes your company’s orthotics custom-fit while digitizing and automating the creation process of medical wearables, such as insoles, hand braces, and helmets. Our … Continued

3D-printed custom-fit braces, manufactured on-demand and at scale

July 30, 2021   There are many different orthotic braces for body parts ranging from knees to thumbs, and a wide range of inflictions can be healed with this type of orthoses. A brace promotes healing by preventing injury as well as providing additional support, stabilizing, or relieving pain for the patient.    The proper … Continued

Five advantages of 3D scanning for orthotics

July 15, 2021   As technology has evolved for the creation of orthoses, so have the advantages increased. A digital workflow is replacing the traditional labor-heavy process. In this blog, we discuss 3D scanning and how it benefits the production of medical wearables for both practitioner and patient!   How does a 3D scanner work? … Continued