Twikit launches Laddy at AMUG: on-demand lattice individualization with guaranteed mechanical properties

April 29, 2021   At the AMUG conference 2-6 May in Orlando, Twikit is unveiling their latest cloud suite product, Laddy. The innovative software solution will enable brands to capture the value of mass customization even further through lattice individualization.      Are you curious about what we are launching in May, and do you want to see a demo? Discover the possibilities of … Continued

TwikFit: end-to-end digital workflow for custom-fit insoles

March 18, 2021   TwikFit is Twikit’s software system for 3D printed orthopedics and sports gear that enables design automation for biometric customization based on 3D scanning.   In the past years, the orthotics industry is experiencing a shift towards additive manufacturing to increase efficiency and scalability. The previously labor-intensive creation process is becoming fully … Continued

The future of orthotics: a custom in-store experience

January 29, 2021   Twikit is a supporter of gender equality and a more diverse additive manufacturing industry. We are proud to say that 50% of our department heads are women. While leading in the representation of women in the space, with 27% of the entire team being female, we are honest to say that there … Continued

Why you should switch to 3D-printed custom insoles

December 15, 2020   The manufacturing of foot orthotics or insoles has been an intricate and slow process until recently. With the introduction of 3D-printed insoles based on 3D scans creating a digital flow, new opportunities have opened up and broadened the orthotics horizon. Efficiency, cost and accessibility are examples of how 3D-printing and scanning technology have … Continued

3D scanners for orthotic applications

May 13, 2020   The way orthoses are made is changing drastically. Optimal healing processes are reached by fully customizing casts, splints, and other orthotic devices to a patient’s specific needs and requirements. Any error or flaw in the design can prevent the patient’s recovery or hinder their functionality.    Orthoses are frequently made using molds. The traditional process requires a lot … Continued

Digital becomes the new normal for orthotics

May 6, 2020   Orthotic devices are used to provide protection and support to limbs with injuries or medical conditions. The medical industry has been using traditional manufacturing techniques to produce these devices but are now being replaced by digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing. Curious to know why? Continue reading this blog.    … Continued

The TwikFit advantage

November 15, 2019   USE CASE Handbrace   Imagine designing a brace with a fit so meticulous, it feels intuitive. Surprisingly, such a device can be realized even without the slightest bit of CAD knowledge! With TwikFit, a handbrace can be made with 3D-scan data and then morphed into a prosthetic template based on the … Continued