End-to-end solution: seamlessly connecting the customer experience with manufacturing

September 16, 2021   The Twikit software connects the interactive customer experience with manufacturing at scale and on-demand. It enables a seamless, digital flow that enhances the potential of customization for consumer brands. Continue reading to discover how. An interactive and unique customer experience When a customer starts their customization journey, they first visit a web-based customizer. Here they will find a … Continued

Each car a unique & personalized design: the Twikit car wheel configurator

August 19, 2021   High-end configurators that have advanced connections with manufacturing processes enable mass personalization for different industries. Such as automotive. We created a configurator as a visual example of how your customer’s experience would look like.      Try the configurator yourself here and learn more about the advantages of personalization and web-based configurators below.      … Continued

New functionalities and an updated user interface for TwikFit: the platform for a seamless, quick & dependable workflow for custom orthoses

August 12, 2021   We are continuously improving the software products and taking valuable client feedback in consideration.     Our most recent update: an upgraded TwikFit user interface. TwikFit is the technology which makes your company’s orthotics custom-fit while digitizing and automating the creation process of medical wearables, such as insoles, hand braces, and helmets. Our … Continued

A rich customer experience: web-based customizers

July 23, 2021   As everything is digitalized and goes online, so does consumers’ buying behavior. And, during the current circumstances, the number of people purchasing online has exponentially increased. This is partly due to new features and tools being developed and making online shopping on e-commerce platforms a rich customer experience, such as a … Continued

Five advantages of 3D scanning for orthotics

July 15, 2021   As technology has evolved for the creation of orthoses, so have the advantages increased. A digital workflow is replacing the traditional labor-heavy process. In this blog, we discuss 3D scanning and how it benefits the production of medical wearables for both practitioner and patient!   How does a 3D scanner work? … Continued

Twikit Live module: connecting front-ends with on-demand and de-centralized manufacturing

June 16, 2021   Made-to-fit products generated through on-demand digital manufacturing require a fully digital chain. In this blog, we’ll focus on the logistics and manufacturing part of the chain. How can sustainable manufacturing be accelerated through a digital, on-demand, and automated workflow? Well, Twikit’s Live platform module connects the dots between the design automation kernel and the … Continued

Twikit Create and Twikit Live: supporting back-office systems to accelerate mass customization

May 6, 2021   The TwikBot Cloud Suite includes core technologies such as TwikBot and TwikFit and back-office applications that enable and accelerate mass customization. These supporting systems are essential for a seamless and efficient manufacturing flow and link the dots in the supply chain.    The previously named Product Creator and Order and User Service have been updated … Continued

Twikit launches Laddy at AMUG: on-demand lattice individualization with guaranteed mechanical properties

April 29, 2021   At the AMUG conference 2-6 May in Orlando, Twikit is unveiling their latest cloud suite product, Laddy. The innovative software solution will enable brands to capture the value of mass customization even further through lattice individualization.      Are you curious about what we are launching in May, and do you want to see a demo? Discover the possibilities of … Continued

Twikit launches the Admin portal: the control center of everything Twikit

March 12, 2021   The Twikit portfolio of mass customization software products is continuously expanding. With TwikBot, TwikFit, Twikit Create, Twikit Live, and more coming soon, there was a need for an application to supervise and operate all the software products in one view. To ensure easy access, security, and efficient management of mass customization tools, Twikit has launched Admin Portal.    Admin Portal is the … Continued