Senior Front-End Developer

Twikit creates a cutting-edge, web-based platform that enables our customers to integrate high-end 3D customization directly into their own environments.  Our software enables deep personalization for digital manufacturing and easy integration with suppliers & ERP systems. We are revolutionizing industries such as Automotive, Orthotics, and Sports & Protective gear. Because of our exponential growth, we’re looking for more kick-ass talent! 

You are an experienced designer of scalable web infrastructure

  • Experience in building smooth, pixel-perfect, cross-browser user experiences that match designs: HTML, css, less/sass
  • Proficient with modern JavaScript / TypeScript conventions and patterns (prototypal inheritance, event loop, …)
  • Experience with front-end framework(s): Angular 2, React, Vue, or similar
  • Experience with reactive programming and state management principles: Rxjs, Ngrx, redux, …
  • Experience in handling communication via RESTful APIs and Websockets
  • Experience with modern design related frameworks and tools: Design Systems, Component-Driven Development, Invision, and Figma, Storybook.js
  • Experience with various testing patterns and supporting frameworks: Jest, Cucumber, Cypress, Playwright
  • Applied knowledge of software engineering best practices (TDD, DDD, Separation of concerns, SOLID,…)
  • You code with reason and can justify the important decisions you made during development.
  • You take pride in delivering qualitative, reusable/maintainable, and performant software

Bonus skills

  • A hands-on startup mentality

Who are you? 

  • You love to work in an Agile organization
  • You have high attention to detail and quality
  • You know how to be discrete concerning projects you’re working on
  • You can work in a flexible environment and are self-critical
  • You’re interested in cutting-edge technologies and are eager to learn
  • You like to be involved in the thinking process, to share your thoughts, and experiment on your own
  • You get all fuzzy about where Twikit is involved (3D customization, passion products, cutting-edge technology, Biometrics, Automotive, AI, Machine Learning)

Oh yes, some of our perks include 

  • A very nice bunch of colleagues
  • A “penthouse” office with an amazing view, easily accessible by car and public transportation
  • Flexible working hours and homework
  • A competitive remuneration package
  • A mobility plan
  • A high-end laptop for work and private use
  • A personalized “Stan” standing desk
  • An annual 200€ budget for 3D printed and customized goods
  • Bring on new talent and you’ll be rewarded
  • Team events on a regular basis, weekly “café’s”
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