Twikit in Action

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Twikit wanted to do its part.

Multiple products were created to help prevent the spreading of the virus and facilitate safe work environments.
These products are listed on this page and will redirect you to the designated web pages.

The Mask Sealer

Is your surgical or DIY mask too big for you? Does it have openings on the sides? Our Mask Sealer is a comfortable solution to these problems and has many more advantages. Using a simple application, Twikit provides made-to-fit Mask Sealers to guarantee optimal sealing and fitting. Discover more advantages on our landing page.

Face Shield

Twikit employee, Zorko, designed a simple but effective face shield. This very affordable solution can be printed on many different types of 3D printers. If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, but you are interested in our face shield, contact us to discuss your options.

Space Divider

Is your office prepared for its restart after the lockdown? Guarantee your employees and customers their safety by placing portable protection screens.

Door Opener

This tool allows you to touch any surface, door or button (elevator, doorbell) without transmitting microbes to your hands. It’s made of antimicrobial brass in a compact keychain format.

Hand sanitizer floor stand

Create a safe work environment for your employees. The hand sanitizer dispenser stand is ideal to place in your entrance area, shared offices, printing areas,… Protect your workspace with a stylish and customizable solution.

Hand sanitizer wall mount

Create a safe work environment for your employees and customers. The hand sanitizer dispenser wall mount is ideal to position in all rooms and spaces in your office. Protect your workspace with a stylish and customizable solution.

Custom standing desk for homeworking

Meet Stan – The custom standing desk for your home. During the ongoing pandemic, remote working became the norm. Stan turns any room or table into the perfect office. Are you tired of sitting all day long or just trying to stay fit? Then, Stan is the solution you have been looking for.

Laptop stand for homeworking

Keeping your body fit is a challenge during this pandemic. Teach yourself a solid posture while working anywhere on your laptop. This customizable laptop stand turns any room or surface into the perfect office. Stay fit and get your laptop stand.

Have we inspired you?

Twikit engaged itself to pull its weight during the ongoing pandemic.
Get in touch if you would like some more information about one of our products or if you see an opportunity to work together.