Create parametric designs

Set the blueprint for custom products

Automatically publish parametric models to a front-end

The Create platform contains a powerful node-based tool to combine your product resources and define the blueprint of the product parametrization. We want to make the manufacturing of custom products on-demand and at scale straightforward; that is why Create requires no programming experience. 

Custom-fit prosthetics for the people of Sierra Leone

Twikit supports project 3D Sierra Leone with our parametrization software. Project 3D Sierra Leone aims to change the lives of many in three dimensions: sustainability, scientific, and healthcare. They can now create & manufacture custom-fit prosthetics on location through digital manufacturing.
In only three steps, scanning, designing, and printing we are able to manufacture prostheses that fit a wide variety of amputees. The local personnel of the Masanga hospital will be trained to use the Twikit software. Therefor they are able to independently manufacture 3D-printed prostheses.

Pien De Graaf – 3D Sierra Leone

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Key features

  • Manage parametric designs

  • Node-based tool

  • Upload your 3D models

  • Automated UI generation

  • Live 3D view in a browser

  • No programming experience required

  • Web-based platform

  • CAD software connections


Discover the technology

Create is
Twikit’s platform where you can manage and create parametric designs. The software supports the efficient customization workflow that Twikit enables and links the dots in the chain.

Modular and extendible platform to create, modify and release products   

Create is an open and extensible system to create and maintain your parameterized products. It gives users all the tools to create beautiful products while staying in control. 


Create and parameterize products with a node-based tool   

The node-based tool provides a drag and drop interface to build your product definition starting from raw resources such as meshes, fonts, textures, and materials. It requires no programming experience.   

Live 3D view in a web browser   

Create aims to parameterize products that can be visualized in real-time in a web browser so users can directly see the result of what they’re creating.   


Design automation by connecting CAD software and Twikit Create    

By connecting TwikBot and CAD software, 3D designs are easily uploaded onto the Create platform in the cloud, interpreting the CAD data and preparing it for customization by defining the parameters. TwikBot algorithms and modifiers can be combined with CAD/CAE functionalities by setting up a hybrid model. It results in flow automation and connection.    

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