Customer cases

High performance custom-fit helmet

BAUER Hockey turned to Twikit’s digital technologies for product customization based on biometric data to enhance the buying experience. Twikit made it possible for BAUER Hockey customers to fit and design their personalized helmets in-store.

Switching an automated digital end-to-end flow

Orthobroker, who has decades of experience in the paramedical and orthopedic sector, switched to digital manufacturing processes supported by Twikit and now provides their clients and their staff with a whole new set of benefits.

A high-end virtual showroom

PortaPivot has a worldwide customer base and is a leading innovator in high-end architectural hardware for tailormade interior doors. With the Twikit technology, they offer their customers endlessly customizable products through an intuitive online experience.

Scaling the offering of 3D-printed custom-fit casts

ActivArmor, the producer of the only waterproof, breathable, and sanitizable custom-fit plastic cast in the U.S. consumer marketplace, automates its scan-to-fit-to design and print process with Twikit.

A rich customer experience

A virtual showroom seamlessly integrated into the Anyway Doors digital space supported by the Twikit software. The configurator allows visitors to create and design their own doors in the comfort of their own homes. Endless possibilities both for the manufacturer and end-user.

Design your custom product in-store

Since consumers seek more custom products that fit their exact needs, companies find their way to digital production processes. Decathlon is one of these early adopters who, in collaboration with Twikit, now provide a unique in-store customer experience.

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