End-to-end solution: seamlessly connecting the customer experience with manufacturing

September 16, 2021
The Twikit software connects the interactive customer experience with manufacturing at scale and on-demand. It enables a seamless, digital flow that enhances the potential of customization for consumer brands. Continue reading to discover how.
An interactive and unique customer experience

When a customer starts their customization journey, they first visit a web-based customizer. Here they will find a branded, interactive experience that invites them to be a part of the design process. The product is shown in high-quality 3D, and changes made to the design are shown in real-time. So, what you see is what you get. 


Aesthetic and practical personalization to create your perfect product

Aesthetic features such as color, structure, shape, and text or symbols can be chosen to match the customer’s style. But the possibilities go further than adjustments to the appearance of the item. Practical features like ergonomic shape and size can also be integrated into a customizer. 

The Twikit generic car wheel customizer showcases customization possibilities. Try it out yourself here.

Customization adds value to consumer products by allowing each item to be unique to the customer, by their own choice, or based on their biometric data.  

Twikit’s software platform for medical wearables and sports gear, TwikFit, allows the usage of biometric data as input. In other words, based on a 3D scan of a body part, a product can be custom fitted in the customizer. The result, for example, is an insole, thumb brace, or helmet that fits like a glove. And, thanks to aesthetic personalization, looks unique too.  

The end-to-end flow for custom-fit medical wearables or sports gear. A 3D scan of a body part can serve as data input.
Seamless end-to-end solution from customer experience to manufacturing

So, there is the front-end interactive customer experience on one end, but on the other, there is manufacturing. Twikit software connects the front and back end and enables a seamless end-to-end solution. 

The order for a personalized product, created in the online customizer, is automatically directed to the right manufacturing facility with the required information. This happens through an automated digital flow that is less prone to errors.  

The Twikit end-to-end software solution enables consumer brands to offer high-value customized products and manufacture them at scale and on-demand. There is no hassle with sorting out the individual production files or warehouses with endless stock. It’s all automated and digitized.  

Twikit makes the scan-to-fit-to-manufacturing process almost effortless. A streamlined digital production flow that allows for a less labor-intensive and more efficient creation process is possible with the Twikit end-to-end solution for mass customization.

One product purchased, one product manufactured 

And, because the personalized products are manufactured on-demand, consumer brands are able to cut down their waste considerably. One product is purchased, one product is manufactured. It saves companies a significant amount in both unsold stock and the cost of getting rid of unsold products.