Flexible home working, the new standard

August 18, 2020


Twikit has always been looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity. Giving flexibility and responsibility to its employees, by offering homeworking possibilities, is one of its ways to do so. The quick upcoming of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that Belgian companies had to close their doors, only intensified this. For Twikit’s 35 headed team this sudden change meant that all contact had to happen virtually from one day to another. A change that was handled so well that Twikit, therefore changed its homeworking policy.     


In the almost three months that the office was closed, 90% of all running projects were finished and delivered in time. Our team even came up with strong ideas and initiatives to solve shortages of protective gear. Leading to the development of face masks, space dividers, door openers, and many more. Business continued and efficiency was never higher. A mentality and team spirit, although everyone was working from home, to be proud of. 

That’s why Twikit wants to encourage this mentality even more by changing its perspective towards homeworking. We want to look at this experience and learn from it. Starting from August 1st the Twikit team can work from home as much as they find necessary. Rewarding them for their professional way of working and team spirit, with flexibility as an extra perk. To stimulate this team spirit, the different teams will have fixed days when the whole team will be present at the office to work on specific tasks and team-related topics.  

The office will be for that same reason, changing its function as well. Our headquarters will become a meeting place where colleagues and customers can have teambuilding, training, lunch, or a drink during our weekly beer-o-clock on Friday afternoon. The following changes will be made for that specific reason. A spacious open lunch area will be installed with large tables to enjoy each other’s company safely. Part of the office space will become a silent area where people who work individually can do this in full focus. The office rooftop will be transformed into a full fletched terrace space with loads of greens, lounge furniture, and beach club grade audio and light installation.    


Team Twikit has always been a close group of peers that work well together but also can have loads of fun. Team spirit and trust are deeply rooted in the corporate values that will now be reflected in our HQ even more than before.