Individualizing through additive manufacturing

May 15, 2020




Individualize your life – Customized Solutions Easily Accessible for Everyone  

One of the main advantages of Additive Manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, is individualization. However, corporates face obstacles during the transformation from mass production to mass customizationTwikit and BASF Forward AM explain how companies can enable mass customization by presenting their joined offering supported with a use case. 


 End-to-end solution providers 

Twikit and BASF Forward AM enable companies to offer on-demand customized goods on a large scale. This means customers can personalize products in an online 3D interfaceEach order gets a unique code which is linked to a digital production fileThis file is then sent directly to a production facility to be digitally manufactured. This process is an end-to-end solution from the online personalization experience to the digital manufacturing phase. 


Twikit’s offering

Twikit’s proprietary software platformTwikBotfacilitates this process and consists of four pillars: 

  • PARAMETRIZATION: Together with the clientTwikit defines the personalization possibilities and limitations of a product (color, materialtext, logoetc). 
  • 3D-VISUALIZATION: The customized product is shown in a 3D customizer. This is possible on e-commerce websites and applications 
  • CONNECTION TO PRODUCTION: The generated unique production files are sent to a digital manufacturer for production 
  • INTEGRATION: TwikBot can be integrated into current ERP systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. 

BASF Forward AM’s offering

BASF Forward AM offers technology and material consulting. With their expertise, BASF Forward AM selects the right combination of materials and technology to fulfill the customers’ requirements. Additionally, BASF Forward AM offers assistance in product design. This way, ideas are converted to realizations. BASF Forward AM has a big printing capacity to create a full traceable production. 



Does allowing your customers to put initials or icons on the leather of car interiors, handbags or wallets sound attractive to youThe joined forces of Twikit and BASF Forward AM enable you to do so.    


In the front-end, Twikit creates an online personalization experience, allowing customers to individualize a product online. The configurator used for the individualization integrates seemingly in e-commerce websites and applications. The software shows a visualization of the end product while the customer makes changes. 

In the back-end, the software is integrated with ERP systems and manufacturing processes. BASF Forward AM’s material solution allows you to create a stamp via 3D printing in the finest resolution. The entire process results in an end-to-end solution for bespoke leather stamping. 


This digital process has two main advantages: reduced production costs due to the faster turnaround time of design and production and an enhanced customer experience and higher value perception from the customer. 


Want to learn more about the advantages of digital manufacturing and individualization? Let’s discuss your possibilities with our experts.