Automotive customization

Enabling truly personalized cars

Capture your customer’s unique wishes and translate them directly into manufacturing files.

The future of automitive is vehicle modularity, a blank canvas that a driver makes their own. Twikit enables a personalized experience, not for one but for a million customers. We make it real for brands through our highly scalable software solution for individualized parts manufactured on-demand.​

Capture your customer’s unique wishes

and translate them directly into manufacturing files.

In the automotive industry different strategies towards allowing customers to customize their vehicles are being implemented. The high-end luxury brands are hyper-personalising their vehicles through bespoke craftmanship whereas other OEMs are looking for a more volume based approach. Mass customization is the process of producing goods that meet individual customer needs, while still maintaining the economy of scale of mass production. Both strategies are possible with Twikit’s platform. Let us show you how. 

Twikit enables automotive brands to tap into and capture the value of mass customization of on-demand, digitally manufactured personalized products.  

Web-based configurators with advanced personalization options translate the designed product to manufacturing files. These files are automatically sent to manufacturing through a complete back-end integration. 

Product parametrization  

The OEM’s product engineering team provides digital files (CAD) and sets the blueprints of the customized products. The parametric model is automatically published to the front-end configurator, and the input given by the customer is applied and generates a production-ready file and briefing. 


Visualization + customization 

Twikit’s 3D geometry adaption software enables high-quality product visualization and 3D configuration live on your screen. Mobile-first and ultra-fast due to the software running on a local device, meeting the e-commerce performance standards.  

Production-ready files & order management 

Once the customer places an order, the platform automatically creates production files (PNG, JPEG, STL, 3MF, …) for digital manufacturing (CNC, Laser cut, 3D printing, …). They are sent to the facility of choice, delivering distributed manufacturing flows as part of ‘industry 4.0.’  


Seamless back-end integration 

Brands can access the Twikit CMS for production settings, data collection, production follow-up, and more. The Twikit platform is API-driven, so virtually any connection with ERP or other enterprise systems can be made. This way, an integration with invoicing, vehicle manufacturing planning, parts sequencing can easily be realized. 


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