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Personalized consumer products

Offer a unique customer experience

Digitally manufactured on-demand & at scale

Allowing consumers to create their own unique products through an intuitive 3D customizer online or in-store. We enable brands to increase value through personalization and a seamless end-to-end digital workflow, on-demand and at scale—a unique experience for not one but for every customer.

Automated product customization workflow 

From a rich customer experience to a seamless distributed manufacturing flow, Twikit enables on-demand and hyper-personalized products at scale.


Offer your customers personalized products through an easy-to-use web-based customizer, which translates the designed product automatically to a production-ready file. 

Product parametrization  

Start with a digital 3D file (CAD), designed by your in-house engineers or by Twikit, and set the blueprint of the customizable products with all relevant parameters through a web interface. The parametric model is automatically published to the front-end customizer via our API plugins.  


Visualization + customization 

Once the product is shown in the intuitive customizer, Twikit’s 3D geometry adaption software enables high-quality product visualization and 3D configuration in real-time. Mobile-first and ultra-fast, meeting the e-commerce performance standards.  


Optional feature: Scan-to-fit-to-manufacturing  

Taking customization to the next level, our software allows you to offer custom-fit products based on 3D scans. Upload a 3D scan of a body part, and the software fits the product perfectly according to the biometric data. Read more about the scan-to-fit platform here.  

Order management 

The platform automatically creates production files (PNG, JPEG, STL, 3MF, …) for digital manufacturing (CNC, Laser cut, 3D printing, …) when an order is placed. It connects with the facility of choice, delivering truly distributed manufacturing flows as part of ‘industry 4.0’. 


Complete back-end integration 

Brands can access the Twikit CMS for production settings, data collection, production follow-up, and more. The Twikit platform is API-driven, so virtually any connection with ERP or other enterprise systems can be made, ensuring a seamless and efficient production flow. 

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