Custom-fit medical wearables

Automated end-to-end design workflow

Transform your custom-fit orthoses process

The scan-to-fit-to-print workflow, which Twikit enables, allows brands to scale up through design automation, adding different product categories, and distributed manufacturing. An automated flow is key to facilitating the chain and makes the design process quick, easy, and reliable.


Twikit’s scan-to-fit platform is the 3D scan-to-print web-based software solution for medical- and consumer brands who aim to offer and manufacture made-to-fit products at scale through digital manufacturing.

By integrating TwikFit into workflows, sales and production can be scaled up through end-to-end automation. You will assist physicians in saving time, treating more patients, and capturing the added value of 3D-printed custom-fit orthoses through design automation. 

Upload different products categories 

TwikFit is the host for orthotic templates created by experts. Upload your 3D file (CAD) and set the blueprint for the customizable product. The flexibility of the software allows companies to add different product categories – one solution for various wearables.   

Intuitive user experience 

The user-friendly web-based interface allows orthotic experts to upload a 3D scan and make a perfectly fitted product in 5 minutes. The steps are easy and intuitive, guiding you through the flow.  

Unique ID codes for optimal logistics  

By enabling digital manufacturing and making molds obsolete, TwikFit drastically speeds up production time and decreases waste. And, because every part is imprinted with a unique ID, the production flow is streamlined, and logistics are managed more efficiently.  


A universal platform 

TwikFit is a 2D and 3D scanner and printer agnostic and completely integrated with manufacturing. You can access the Twikit CMS for production settings, data collection, production follow-up, and more. Alternatively, the platform can connect with backbone ERP systems through API. 

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