It’s all in the details: car key cover personalization

September 8, 2021
To showcase the manufacturing and aesthetic possibilities of mass customization for automotive, Studio Twikit developed a customizable key cover concept for a Volkswagen ID.3 that can be realized through the Twikit end-to-end software solution on-demand and at scale.  


We created impactful designs for a side fender badge, a door sill, and a key cover. What these three products have in common is that they are easily manufactured, simple to mount onto a car, but at the same time, achieve a significant impact on multiple facets.   


In this blog, we take the car key cover as an example of why small but symbolic products are the perfect first step into customization.   


The smallest details can have the biggest impact

A detail such as a key cover can have a significant impact on the complete customer experience and, more specifically, the customer’s attitude towards the brand.  

Two examples of customized designs created through a configurator. The customer can edit the design completely to their aesthetic preference.

When designing the key cover to their own aesthetic preference, the customer is part of the design process and interacts with the brand on a higher level. The configurator that Twikit builds is fully branded with the brand colors and logo, providing a virtual space for the consumer to get to know the brand. And while the customer is interacting with the product, they are creating something that is complete to their liking. In other words, the final product will always be satisfying.  

This means personalization provides brands with added value to their products and ensures customer satisfaction and an improved attitude towards the brand. These days, creating a long-term relationship with the customer is essential, and a customizer is one way to build on that bond.   

Endless customization combinations for every product 

A key cover is also the perfect example of how many customization possibilities you can realize, even on a smaller-sized product such as a car key.  

These designs are just examples of what is possible. But the degree of customization can be taking further with color, shape, symbols, and more. 

For this use case, Studio Twikit developed a customizable key cover concept with four different structures and added the possibility to write text on the cover (e.g., the car owner’s name). But you can take it even further. Think of features like color, finishes, and symbols imprinted into the cover. The customization combinations are nearly endless.   

Car key cover – the perfect step into customization for automotive

They say it’s all in the details. And at Twikit, we believe it is. A small but significant item such as a car key is the perfect product to step into customization with as a brand. With the Twikit software solution, the digital flow is easily set up and connected to manufacturing, enabling the production of personalized high-value products on-demand and at scale.  

Because the flow is fully automated, it requires very little manual labor and, at the same time, makes physical warehouses obsolete. One order is made, one product is manufactured. This also implies less waste and a sustainable model for your business, which is now more important than ever.