Last year was challenging, let’s look ahead to 2021

December 28, 2020


2020 has been a year for the records; for the history books. A pandemic came over us like a blanket of thick fog. Even though the circumstances were severe, we recognized an opportunity. Opportunity to evaluate.    


Thinking back over the past year, our industry has adapted itself. It has been forced to adjust to new conditions, and digital is growing to be even more present in our lives. These developments accelerate the (digital) changes that were already on their way.   


By taking the opportunity to rethink things, Twikit has reached a few reflections. These reflections make us more resilient for the future and more confident in our mission. To wrap up 2020 and look into the new year, we would like to share these thoughts with you. 


1: Deal with the unexpected

To say the least, 2020 was a year that caught us by surprise. It was unforeseeable in every sense. Even though these situations can lead to struggle, those who embrace surprises are often the most successful. This year let us deal with the unexpected. We looked at it as an opportunity and took it by the hand with innovation.    


2: Rethink the ways of working

Working conditions radically changed due to safety regulations. This made it an ideal moment to take a step back and rethink our ways of working without too much time for thinking. Acting fast is key but acting efficiently is even more important. The office became a space exclusive for creativity, and we restructured our office mechanisms with digital tools as the most important communication channels. Finding productive solutions without wasting time.    


3: Professional partners at a distance

Even though physical separation became the new norm, it compelled people and organizations to come together in other ways. The circumstances brought partners closer together on the topic of future business because we all need to look forward. Continuing collaborations and talking about solutions via digital tools. 2020 made us reflect on changes in the market and how we can use them for our and our partner’s advantage.   


4: New business models

The unusual and unforeseen year shook up existing business models and opened up the path for new (digital) ones. The new models were already on their way, but the situation prioritized the need for them and accelerated the switch. Now more businesses than ever find their way to a digital manufacturing flow and made-to-order products. At a high pace, it is becoming the new normal.   


5: Digital DNA

Digital is not just another layer of our lives. It is a part of our DNA. During 2020, the willingness to adapt to digital ways of communication and organization has become apparent. The transition towards a more digital society sped up drastically because of the necessity to maintain productivity. The same goes for the digital manufacturing of personalized products. To maintain or increase production efficiency, businesses adapt and transition to a digital workflow.  

The Twikit value

This surprising year made us reflect on a few things: how we work, how we grow, partnerships, new business models, and overall digital transitions. These developments relate directly to the Twikit value proposition.  


Accommodating adaptation 

Industries working with hardware products such as orthotics and retail suffered broken supply chains due to the imposed restrictions. They had to change their way of manufacturing quickly to swim instead of sink. By providing a service that grants businesses to offer personalized products via an online platform and a digital production flow, Twikit has accommodated adaptation.  


In other words, Twikit assists companies in adapting to a digital business model and implements an end-to-end digital flow from UX to manufacturing. Tapping into the power of TwikBot, Order Management Service, and other Twikit technology, going digital from order to manufacturing is made simple and a logical choice.   


Sustainable production 

The Twikit solution makes it possible to produce products on demand. When a product is customized and paid for via an online platform, the order date and manufacturing files are sent to the manufacturing facility. It does not only contribute to the implementation of new business models and digitalization but also a more sustainable production process.  


It is about creating less waste while offering a personalized consumer experience. It also enables local production, which proved to be a major driver in disturbed traditional supply chains. These are, among others, important values that shaped 2020 and will continue to have an impact in the next years to come: being eco-responsible and standing out from your competition.   


Looking forward to 2021  

2021 will be a year of continuous development of these trends. Even though there is a chance that the current climate of necessary restrictions will soften, the digital transition is here to stay. Because if things can go digital, they will.