Leather stamping

One solution, thousands of

Leather, used in a wide variety of industries, is a versatile material which allows manufacturers to produce creative products with a luxurious finish. 3D-printing and other digital manufacturing techniques can bring those luxury items to an even higher level with personalization.

Brands that want to offer those products personalized can use a 3D-printed stamp, printed in the highest resolution possible. This personalized stamp embosses into the leather material with legacy machinery such as classical leather embossing presses.

With the Twikit end-to-end solution covering from end consumer user experience in 3D to the connection with digital manufacturing — the whole process is digitalized. The online configurator enhances the customer experience and provides a higher value perception. The digital manufacturing process makes this whole technique more efficient and results in a shorter production time.

Try out the purse configurator to experience the power of bespoke leather stamping.

leather stamping demo