New functionalities and an updated user interface for TwikFit: the platform for a seamless, quick & dependable workflow for custom orthoses

August 12, 2021
We are continuously improving the software products and taking valuable client feedback in consideration.  


Our most recent update: an upgraded TwikFit user interface. TwikFit is the technology which makes your company’s orthotics custom-fit while digitizing and automating the creation process of medical wearables, such as insoles, hand braces, and helmets. Our aim is to optimize the TwikFit platform so the workflow for podiatrists and orthotists is and remains seamless, quick, and dependable. 


Learn more about what Twikit’s product team has been working on and discover the new TwikFit UI features here.
Switching the active organization

Using a dropdown on the navigation bar, a user can switch the active organization. When switching the active organization, only clients, measurement files, designs, and orders available in this organization are accessible. Note that also the URL changes with the number of the organization.  


This is an advantage for corporations with several establishments where custom-fit products are offered. The points of sale can then be separated into different organizations in the TwikFit platform for efficient management. 


Product templates

An overview of all product templates (e.g., insole, hand brace, and helmet) available in the active organization are now shown on the Product templates page. When you have a client and a 3D scan of a body part, you just have to select a template to start a design and create a custom-fit product.  



An overview of all clients in the active organization is shown on the Clients page. Here, you can create a new client or search for an existing one. The fields available/required to create a client can be configured for each organization. Examples are first name, last name, e-mail, patient/client ID, birth date, gender, notes, … 


Select a client in the table to go to the Client detail page. Here, you can manage (edit, delete) the client info and overview the linked measurement data and designs for the efficient administration of client data.  


Measurement data

An overview of all measurement data (3D scan input or manually taken measurements) can be seen on the Measurement data page. Here, you can create a new measurement data session or search for an existing one. Measurement data requires metadata (such as the capture date) and can contain multiple measurement files (3D scans, images, pressure maps, etc.).


Click on a measurement data session to open it in a detailed view where you can manage (edit, delete) the metadata or upload and delete measurement files. 


Measurement data is linked to a client. This way, if a client returns to a consultation or visits a store multiple times, it is possible to see the history of measurement files. 



An overview of all designs can be found on the Designs page. A design is an orthosis created and adjusted for a patient. It can have different statuses: in progress (unfinished), finished (design completed), or ordered (design ordered).  


Click on a design to go to its details page. This allows for editing metadata, continue working on a design if it isn’t working yet (and soon to order/reorder finished designs). A design is linked to measurement data. This means that the same 3D scan can be used to create multiple designs. 


And more…

This improved version does not only include UI upgrades but also affects the (invisible) back-end system and database. This results in a much more secure and flexible API to support integration in existing systems. 


Create custom-fit orthoses quickly and with high accuracy

All improvements to TwikFit have the purpose of making the creation of made-to-fit orthoses even easier for podiatrists and orthotists. From scan-to-print-manufacturing, a quick and seamless process that does not require any CAD software knowledge and can be integrated at the point of care. It benefits the entire administration in the clinic through efficient management of digital design files that can be obtained at any time and place through TwikFit.  


TwikFit is the end-to-end software solution for medical professionals and consumer brands who want to create and manufacture made-to-fit products on-demand and at scale.