Twikit has always taken great importance in offering an end-to-end solution to its customersThe ability to support brands from day 1 with their exploration of product customization and new digital manufacturing technologies like 3D printing is one of the core values of TwikitTo strengthen this philosophy, a new proposition was launched early this year: Studio Twikit. 

Studio Twikit, as a part of Twikitsupports leading brands with design engineering and consultancy for product customization and digital manufacturing like 3D printing. Through product engineering, workshops and consultancy services, Studio Twikit enables brands to bring new, innovative product applications to the market in the field of customization and on-demand, digital manufacturing. 

Some of the finest Studio Twikit cases are highlighted below. 

Leather stamping

Leather stamping applications

The craft of leather stamping is widely applied by brands in various industries: from adding the brand’s logo or edition name to custom artworks or initials. Stamps used for leather embossing are usually crafted from a metal alloy with CNC technology and bear a considerable lead time & price tag.  

Studio Twikit embarked on the challenge to use 3D printing as a substitute technology for traditional leather stamping. Throughout an extensive R&D trajectory, Studio Twikit not only defined the optimal 3D printing technique and material for high-quality leather stampingthe correlation between pressure/temperature and stamp size/design has also been captured.  

By the use of additive manufacturing, bespoke leather stamps can now be created at scale and at a fraction of the costs in comparison to traditional processes.  


3D-printed made-to-fit facemask

To fight the spread of Covid-19, Studio Twikit made it their mission to design a variety of product applications, ranging from lasercutted space dividers t3D printed FFP2 mouth masks.  

One thing became very clear during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic: a global shortage of qualitative, protective mouth masks. The majority of mouth masks were not only very uncomfortable to wear, they did not guarantee a solid face sealing. Studio Twikit combined their expertise and learnings to create an innovative mouth mask solution, the SealMask 

The SealMask exists out of two parts: a 3D printed face sealer to guarantee a perfect sealing and a textile part which covers the mouth and noseBy the use of a 2-point measuring system (nose-to-chin and eye-to-eye), the unique anatomy of the wearer is taking into account to create the perfect sealing. Furthermore, the 2-strapped mounting system as seen in many mouth masks Today has been reduced to just one solid strap to increase mask fixation and the level of comfortOn the inside of the SealMask, extra filter media can be integrated if required. 

By the use of digital manufacturing technologies like 3D printing and digital knitting, production can be set up locally and at a fast pace, eliminating the dependence on foreign suppliers.   

Mini Cooper – reinvented

3D-printed car parts

Every year, Twikit attends one of the biggest 3D printing events in the world: Formnext in Frankfurt. During the event, Twikit’s latest applications in orthotics & prosthetics, automotive and fashion are showcased on their booth 

For last year’s edition, Studio Twikit took the initiative to customize one of the company cars, a MINI John Cooper, showcasing the potential of digital manufacturing technologies for custom-made car parts. Various car parts were individualized, ranging from 3D printed interior and exterior parts, dynamic light applications, custom stickering and color printed sillsmaking the car truly unique and personal.   

Mass customization in automotive is here to stay. Personal vehicles, adjusted to an individual’s lifestyle and purpose, will not only enhance customer experience, it will be instrumental to car manufacturers to leverage their brand image. 

Visit our website for more cases and information about Studio Twikit. Studio Twikit is ready to take up your challenge! 

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