Twikit is going full out with the latest applications in digital fabrication for advanced customization. Welcome at our booth at Hall 12.1 booth F59 to see our fully custom Mini and the latest applications in Orthotics & Prosthetics

Hall 12.1 booth F59

What to expect

We are presenting a turnkey ‘scan-to-fit solution’ powered by the TwikFit technology. Specialists can use this end-to-end system they can operate without engineering skills.

The template based Twikfit solution saves time and money and results in a perfectly fitting device. The solution is compatible with a wide range of scanners, 3D printers and parts from many OEMs.

We will also demonstrate how we enable scalable manufacturing of highly individualized products through our Twikbot Platform. Next to this several automotive applications are on display such as leather stamping, high-end interior and exterior parts, light applications, stickering & wrapping and light weight structures.

The Program

Every day 19-22 November

  • A fully customized MINI cooper
  • Applications for high-end car individualizations
  • Demonstrations of the TwikFit ‘scan-to-fit solution’
  • Demonstrations of the TwikFit applications
  • Showcases of 3D printed orthotics
  • Coffee bar with a professional barista and a unique coffee personalization experience
  • A gin bar with custom 3D printed bottle sleeves

Booth Party!

Wednesday, 20 November 18:00

Do we have to say more than this? Gin Tonic with a secret ingredient and custom 3D printed bottle sleeves.

Twikit would like to invite you to kick-off FormNext 2019 on Wednesday, the 20th of November at 6:00 p.m. to meet our team. We look forward to making FormNext 2019 a blast!

The Twikit Team

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