One thing has become clear in recent times: Face masks are here to stay as a day-to-day tool to fight the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases. This made Twikit embark on a mission to design and develop a variety of mask solutions, ranging from a FFP2/N95 re-usable 3D printed mask to a DIY fabric mask.  

Along the way it turned out that customization and made-to-measure production are a perfect duo for this product category. The perfect fit results in the best possible comfort for the wearer and drastically increases safety performance. And just like a piece of eyewear it can be used to express your style and set a fashion statement.   

Twikit has now combined all learnings and insights to design and develop a facemask solution which answers all of the above: The SealMask. 

The SealMask is a simple and sustainable mask concept. It consists out of two parts: the sealer part which guarantees a perfect fit on the face and the textile part which covers the mouth and nose.  

The seal part can be 3D printed in soft grade TPU when made-to-measure or a wide range of sizes are the requirement. The partfit perfectly to the face resulting in ideal comfort when worn.  The sealer connects with just one strap which keeps the mask in place during all activities 

The textile part can be adapted depending on the situation. The two layered fabric can integrate a replaceable filter media if required for higher protection. We’re looking to collaborate with a fashion brand to turn this textile part in a customizable statement. 

As the sealer takes care of perfect fit, the wearer will not be forced to touch his face to re-position the mask. Also, your glasses will not evaporate Your SealMask can be washed. Don’t throw it away.   

The SealMask comes in 5 different sizes for good fitting. When perfect fit is requested, a unique SealMask can be produced on demand. The measurement works with just two parameters: nosetochin height and eye-to-eye face width. These parameters can be easily set with an app. After ordering, the Twikit customization solution will automatically generate a unique file for production. Textile personalization can be added to the concept.  

Call out for a leading fashion brand or product platform. 

Twikit is looking for a key partner to bring this to market. The ideal partner has textile and fashion expertise including supply chain, as well as a commercial channel (digital and/or retail). 

Twikit has the protected design in place, as well as the customization software needed to enable made-to-fit. Manufacturing for the 3D printed parts is also in place.  

Are you a leading fashion brand and ready to bring this killer product to the globe? Let us know asap by sending an email to


*NOTE: the sealer part is also available as a standalone accessory to wear on top of existing masks for increased comfort and performance 

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