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To ensure a seamless customization workflow for our clients, Twikit facilitates integrations with many solutions and services. We partner with e-commerce and digital manufacturing providers to enable an end-to-end solution making product personalization on-demand and at scale real.

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Twikit connect: a plug-and-play hybrid software system

Theopen API-driven architecture of the Twikit solutions, used by developers to create end-to-end applications, allows for flexibility in integrating legacy systems and complementary technologies such as 3D scanners, customer interfaces, and manufacturing systems.

To advance the possibilities which the Twikit software offers, we are taking the integration capabilities to the next level with the Twikit Connect project.  

The result: a plug-and-play hybrid software system. To simplify the introduction of on-demand digitally manufactured mass customization to any business model.   

The first step was the launch of the front-end Software Development Kit (SDK), which integrates a customizer seamlessly into any e-commerce platform (such as Shopify) or website. We are now at the next phase of Twikit Connect and creating a fully integrated software solution by launching the API and connectors for CAD software.   

Twikit Connect expands the possibilities of product parametrization. 

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