Orthobroker switched to an automated digital end-to-end flow, supported by Twikit

May 13, 2021
Orthotics manufacturers can offer their clients a fully automated workflow for custom-fit products through the Twikit scan-to-fit technology. A software platform made to integrate into your business and adapt to your requirements.   
Orthobroker, who has decades of experience in the paramedical and orthopedic sector, switched to digital manufacturing processes supported by Twikit and now provides their clients and their staff with a whole new set of benefits.   


Watch the video below to discover their automated digital end-to-end flow, from patient intake to finished custom-fit wearable.   

Automated design flow: custom-fit orthotics in under 7 minutes

Orthobroker designs and manufactures innovative orthopedic braces, orthotics, and bandages and saw the potential of digital manufacturing. The OrthoSOLID® platform, supported by Twikit technology, facilitates a completely automated workflow, from fitting based on 3D scans to adapting Orthobroker templates to efficient production.   

Reliable & high-quality products in just a few intuitive steps 

What is so beneficial about this digital way of working? Orthobroker clients are now able to create reliable and high-quality products for their patients in a matter of minutes. Within 7 minutes, a scan is taken, uploaded, functional parameters adjusted, and the cloud-generated production-ready file is sent to manufacturing. This results in a lot of time freed up for, for example, more patients.   

One technology with multi-product capabilities 

The OrthoSOLID® platform also allows for different products in the same digital environment. Twikit allows for proprietary templates designed by manufacturers to be uploaded onto the scan-to-fit software. Clinicians who treat patients with problems in different body areas can avoid the hassle of one computer program per product type—again, saving them a lot of time and allowing them to focus more on the patient.   

Designed to fit your way of working

Orthobroker chose to incorporate 3D scanning and 3D printing into their workflow, switching entirely to digital manufacturing methods. On the other hand, an advantage of Twikit’s scan-to-fit technology is its versatility. It is designed to integrate into existing workflows and processes.     

As an orthotic manufacturer, if you want to implement design automation but do not want to dive into 3D printing, the Twikit technology is also compatible with CNC machining and other manufacturing methods.   

Another example: the software is scanner agnostic and works with different measurement input data such as 2D or 3D scans and manual measurements.