Personalized lattices

Unique lattices on-demand

Lattices with guaranteed mechanical properties

Twikit’s solution for lattices transforms unique user input into individualized lattices with guaranteed mechanical properties. It creates a seamless workflow from web-based customer interaction to production & all required back-end integrations such as connections to ERP and MES systems.

iAMfootwear – the perfect midsoles

Twikit presents the iAMfootwear eco-system project with partners Siemens, EOS, Dyemansion, Arkema, and Framas. The aim is to disrupt the footwear market with an impressive customer experience, leveraging comprehensive additive manufacturing offerings.
The midsole with individualized lattices sets a new standard for customized footwear through additive manufacturing.

Olivier De Deken – CTO, Twikit

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Key features

  • Web-based visualization

  • Automated file generation

  • On-demand production

  • Eliminating manual processes

  • Guaranteed mechanical properties

  • Enabling mass customization

  • High performance lattices

  • Scalable solution

Leveraging the
advantages of custom lattice structures

will facilitate an efficient on-demand manufacturing process for customized lattices. The software solution’s significant architecture and features will open new doors for consumer brands looking to capture the value of on-demand digitally manufactured products with personalized lattices.

Custom input 

Laddy will automatically fill a specified 3D volume with a unique lattice based on individual user input (for example, 3D scans, pressure maps, or other data). The custom input can be individual forces to which the lattice will be subjected, as well as the unique outer shape of the 3D volume. Connected with the TwikFit solution, biometric adaptions can be considered within the form.   


Lattice generation 

The software learns how to transform the custom input into the ideal lattice for each application (e.g., shoe wear, helmets, saddles). The solution decides where specific unit cells should be located, their dimensions, and their strut thickness to automatically generate a lattice with the required mechanical properties.   


Once this unique lattice is generated, the end customer can view it online thanks to Laddy’s cutting-edge web-based visualization capability. Laddy is the first solution on the market that offers the web-based visualization of individual lattices.   



Laddy is built on an open API architecture and can seamlessly connect its design automation engine with the digital manufacturing flow. Enabling an automated, scalable, and on-demand manufacturing process for individualized lattices. Laddy supports all digital manufacturing processes.  

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