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Simplifying mass customization

End-to-end solution for all custom products

The proprietary software core that enables brands to offer, create, and digitally manufacture hyper-personalized products. The solution, including the proprietary software kernel, supports the entire customization journey from product parametrization to order and production management.

Customer case: high-end virtual showroom

PortaPivot has a worldwide customer base and is a leading innovator in high-end architectural hardware for tailormade interior doors. With the Twikit technology, they offer their customers endlessly customizable products through an intuitive online experience.
In our use case, Twikit’s virtual showroom really delivers and made the necessity of a physical showroom completely obsolete. I would highly recommend Twikit because of their innovative technology, creative mindset, and their highly capable team.

Koen Dries – Managing director

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Key features

  • Open architecture

  • CAD software connections

  • Twikit web SDK

  • White-label service

  • Real-time 3D visualization

  • Order management platform

  • Automated file generation

  • API connections with manufacturing


Discover the technology

end-to-end software solution accelerates mass individualization through digital manufacturing. Implementing customization into your business processes needs to be plug-and-play without losing focus on the customer experience and production efficiency. That is why we built TwikBot as an open platform with a hybrid architecture.

Twikit Connect 

TwikBot is a plug-and-play hybrid software system that simplifies the introduction of mass customization to any business model. We look at the complete picture and enable the platform to be part of a rich ecosystem. It allows for full automatization, starting with product design in CAD software to manufacturing with digital technologies. By connecting with third-party systems, the solution becomes truly plug-and-play, increasing installation speed and reducing manual steps and costs. 


Web SDK & White-label service 

The Twikit SDK allows a customizer to fuse with every webshop or website with just a few lines of code. It contains website publishing tools and a client-side JavaScript library. The JavaScript library has a rich set of functionalities for adding a 3D canvas with configuration options and translations to your website. And, to save server costs, it embeds in the front-end. 


The user interface of the customizers can be themed to match your company branding. Multiple layouts and theming options are available that allow you to personalize the UX and apply your branding color scheme, font styles, and logo.  

Unique ID generation & placement 

Our goal is to streamline the creation and manufacturing of unique files. An indispensable feature here is placing unique codes on the generated files. 


The platform allows for individual and unique ID identifiers to be physically added to each part. In turn, the unique identifier can be used to track a product throughout production, provide origin information, or assist in the logistics for manufacturing. 


A universal & open platform 

TwikBot is printer agnostic and completely integrated with manufacturing. You can access the Twikit CMS for production settings, data collection, production follow-up, and more. Alternatively, the platform can connect with backbone ERP systems through API. 


TwikFit API integrations are developed for customers who have their own development team and would like full flexibility in retrieving and setting data. 

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