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Mass customization and digital manufacturing

Twikit offers a cloud suite of SaaS products that enables an end-to-end customization workflow for automotive, medical, and consumer products. With Twikit’s proprietary technology, they set new standards for how brands and industries design and create products: customizable, on-demand, and digital.

Custom-fit prosthetics for the people of Sierra Leone

Project 3D Sierra Leone

Twikit supports 3D Sierra Leone with its parametrization software, Create. 3D Sierra Leone aims to change the lives of many in three dimensions: sustainability, scientific, and healthcare. Using Create, they can create and manufacture custom-fit prosthetics on location through digital manufacturing.

High performance custom-fit helmet

Customer case: Bauer

BAUER Hockey presents its newest product innovation: a unique customer experience for 3D-printed custom-fit high-performance sports gear. The sports gear brand turned to Twikit’s digital technologies regarding product customization based on biometric data to enhance the buying experience.

Switching to an automated digital flow

Customer case: Orthobroker

Orthobroker, who has decades of experience in the paramedical and orthopedic sector, switched to digital manufacturing processes supported by Twikit and now provides their clients and their staff with a whole new set of benefits.

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  • Proprietary technology

  • Founded in 2012

  • Headquarters in Antwerp

  • Office in U.S.

  • Office in China

  • 45 employees

  • Co-founder Martijn Joris

  • Co-founder Gijs Hoppenbrouwers