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One platform for all your custom-fit products

We make customization through an automated design flow accessible for medical & consumer brands, enabling them to meet the demand for personalization and custom-fit products. The solution establishes a time-efficient workflow from scan-to-fit-to-manufacturing through an intuitive web-based platform.

High performance custom-fit helmet

BAUER Hockey turned to Twikit’s digital technologies for product customization based on biometric data to enhance the buying experience. Twikit made it possible for BAUER Hockey customers to fit and design their personalized helmets in-store.
I would like to thank the Twikit team for their great contribution to the project. I believe it is the beginning of a new collaboration since BAUER plans to extend their custom business.

Jean-Francois Laperriere – Director Product Development

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Key features

  • Fit based on 2D & 3D Scans

  • Web-based platform

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • White-label service

  • Automated file generation

  • Scanner & printer agnostic

  • All products on one platform

  • Quick & easy onboarding


Discover the technology 

The scan-to-fit solution
 is an open and scalable web platform that is extensible in many ways. With continuous improvements, we aim to optimize the platform so that the workflow for brands and medical professionals is and remains seamless, quick, and dependable without requiring any CAD knowledge. 

Your own bespoke product templates 

The TwikFit platform is the software solution for creating custom-fit products for your customers or patients based on parametrized product designs. The flexibility of the platform allows companies to add different product categories enabling one solution for various wearables.   


Your product templates live in the private organization space and are only accessible to users in this organization.  


A universal platform 

TwikFit is 2D and 3D scanner and printer agnostic and completely integrated with manufacturing. You can access the Twikit CMS for production settings, data collection, production follow-up, and more. Alternatively, the platform can connect with backbone ERP systems through API. 


TwikFit API integrations are developed for customers who have their own development team and would like to have full flexibility on retrieving and setting data. 

Unique ID generation & placement 

Our goal is to streamline the creation and manufacturing of unique files. An indispensable feature here is the ability to place unique codes on the generated files. 


The platform allows for individual and unique ID identifiers to be physically added to each part. In turn, the unique identifier can be used to track a product throughout production, provide origin information, or assist in the logistics for manufacturing. 


White-label interface 

The user interface of TwikFit can be themed to match your company branding. There are multiple layouts and theming options available that allow you to personalize the UX and apply your branding color scheme, font styles, and logo.  


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