Customize and manufacture at scale

Twikbot® platform: Parametrization, Visual 3D Customization,
Production Output and more

What is Twikbot

The Twikbot cloud platform is an end to end personalization software solution connecting the customer experience — such as the 3D interactive model of a product in a mobile browser — to digital manufacturing like 3D printing, lasercutting and CNC milling to create highly individualized products at scale.

The software platform integrates seamlessly within your existing ecosystem: web platform, e-commerce, in-store kiosk, order management and CMS system, ERP, manufacturing processes and more.

Set design boundaries up-front

Product parametrization with the product creator

To enable mass customization your product has to be designed by rules and boundaries that need to be defined up-front and translated into user-friendly interfaces.  The 3D customization journey starts with the Product Creator, an intuitive parametrization tool, where product developers and engineers can set the customization parameters on new or existing products. All these customization boundaries are automatically translated into an interactive 3D interface, ready to be integrated in online customer applications or in-store solutions.

Personalization software

Redefine the customer journey

Front-end 3D visualization and customization

Let your customers explore your product with a single touch and enable advanced customization options in an interactive 3D viewer. In an intuitive mobile optimized interface your customers can interact with your product and change parameters such as color, material, pattern or even change the complete geometry within the parameters you’ve set.

Personalization software

Flawless on any device. Mobile, desktop or tablet

Put the power of 3D customization in hands of your customers with the Twikbot technology that is developed to load fast and flawlessly on mobile devices through 4G networks. It’s front-end experience runs in any standard modern browser on any device. This means that it can offer an experience online, as well as in in-store kiosks, supporting the  complete sales process from a single system. Depending on the hardware used, the experience can be enhanced with VR or AR applications.

Generate digital manufacturing files

Personalization software

Production outputs for digital manufacturing

Twikbot generates production outputs and briefings for a variety of digital manufacturing technologies. Its technology has a highly successful track record of reliable 2D and 3D print files. Multiple production component files can be generated from one product. Connections can be made with multiple manufacturing entities or distributed manufacturing networks supporting a variety of digital manufacturing techniques.

Streamline from order to production

Streamline the complete end-to-end process from user 3D customization to production. Our API’s can connect with trusted 3D printing facilities or even your own production systems. Advanced integrations with multiple production facilities are possible through our platform.

Integrations in business and manufacturing processes

Twikbot can be configured to match and integrate within new or existing business flows.

Twikbot has multiple integration points with stand-alone alternatives. All processes can be automated through API connections and triggers. More information on all Twikbot segments and their method of integration are covered in our Twikbot General Integration Information and Integration Libraries.

The Twikbot platform: Learn more about the independent end-to-end solution.

The twikbot software platform is an industry independent solution. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce integration or full enterprise solution, Twikbot can be integrated on different complexity levels. For more Twikbot software features and functionalities you can leave a request here and you will receive a brochure immediately by mail. 

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