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The ultimate SaaS platform for on demand production & mass customization

Tap in to the mega-trend of mass customization

Create engaging customer experiences in record time

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1. Set up products and go to market in record time

Easily upload your 3D models and configure product pipelines. You can set everything up yourself, saving you time and valuable resources. The platform contains a powerful node-based, low-code tool to combine your product resources and define the blueprint of the product parametrization.

2. Exceptionally flexible web implementation

Quickly integrates in every webshop or website with just a few lines of code. TwikBot 5 contains website publishing tools and a client-side JavaScript library with a rich set of functionalities for adding a 3D canvas, configuration options and custom brand theming

3. Efficient order management

TwikBot 5 enables smooth order management through automatically generated production files and unique IDs for every individual order. The platform makes it effortless for you to process orders, track them, and scale both sales and production.

4. Connect to complex enterprise manufacturing systems

The open API-driven architecture, allows for flexibility in integrating legacy systems and complementary technologies such as 3D scanners, customer interfaces, ERP and manufacturing systems.

5. Make data driven decisions

Improve your products faster and understand customers preferences thanks to exportable user data. Some people call customer driven product development "the holy grail of marketing".

6. Start selling more

Offering product customization might be a real opportunity for your business. More brand love, better customer retention, higher margins, increased demand: proven over and over again by customer feedback and many studies across several industries.

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