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Solutions Intro

On Demand Digital Production
for personalized products

The Twikit Solution enables brands to integrate customization in their production flow. Our modular software takes care of the full trajectory of the digital product’s lifespan ; from the complex 3D design files, to the user-friendly interface.



Additional Services

3D Design Services

We offer 3D design and engineering services to help you create customizable products. We’ll provide 3D input and create 3D files designed specifically for customization. We’ll also be able to help you set the right pricing for your market.

Establish a link to production facility

With the help of our API, we can help you establish a relationship between you and reliable production facilities. Consumer ordered products will seamlessly ship directly to your customer.

3D Research

We offer 3D research in the following areas: Segmentation, registration, statistical shape modelling and general shape deformation. Please contact us with your specific question and we will see if we can help you


We offer workshops to show you the possibilities of digital manufacturing and product customization for your company. We have broad experience in several industries and could give you a first introduction into this topic.

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