Twikit enables a bespoke experience with digital mass production thanks to its own proprietary technology. New technologies like 3D printing combined with legacy manufacturing technologies (laser cutting and CNC, for example) allow for sophisticated personalization.



Since the early 20th century when cars first rolled off the factory floor, car buyers have come to expect selecting color, finish and interior from a limited set of options. Now a hundred years further, automobile manufacturers can stand out from the competition with a more advanced means of customization. Given the time drivers spend commuting and shopping, customers appreciate the ability to tailor and personalize a vehicle beyond the showroom model.


Orthotics & Prosthetics

Custom orthotics and prosthetics are made to measure with 3D scan data using the Twikfit software platform which can accurately accommodate complex and organic shapes for a smooth fit and exceptional comfort. Your design process is automated through cloud software to deliver a unique production-ready file.

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The era of digitally manufactured bespoke products is the ultimate win-win for manufacturers, makers and customers. All benefit from a sustainable approach. On-demand production allows companies to reduce overhead and inventory. Customers experience a personalized touch and get exactly what they want.

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