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Cars become customized machines of beauty. Bespoke to reflect the driver’s taste, Twikit can create a unique sensibility and space—becoming a distinct pleasure instead of a generic ride.

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MINI Yours Customized

To stand out from the competition and ordinary factory line options, car brands seek more complex customization options beyond paint color and seat materials.


Studio Twikit - Application development for individualized digital manufacturing

Studio Twikit supports leading brands through design and consulting services, enabling new product applications in the field of customization and on-demand digital manufacturing.


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Twikit believes in co-operation and partnership. Curious about our current partners or partnering up with Twikit to make mass customization the new standard?


This solution is powered by Twikbot

Twikbot is a cloud platform that offers end-to-end personalization software that enables customer experience. Think of 3D interactive product models that can be viewed and customized in a mobile browser or manufactured through digital technologies. Production files are generated automatically based on unique custom orders.

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