Leather stamping


Personalization made accessible for an age-old craft

Leather is paramount when considering bespoke, high quality car interior finishes. The craft of leather stamping and embossing is widely applied by car brands to add a brand’s logo, model or edition name.

Stamps used for leather embossing are usually crafted from metal alloy with CNC technology and bear a considerable price tag. This durable stamp manufacturing process is suitable for thousands of stamp sessions using the same stamp over and over.

Twikit developed an application that allows customers of car brands, or sales advisors, to create unique 3D stamps that can be printed for the leather embossing process giving cars a personalized feel. Next to the “design-to-stamp” flow, Twikit also developed a 3D-print process to generate stamp pads and create the perfect stamp on leather.

  • Bespoke personalization for leather parts in series of one
  • Accessible technology replacing expensive process
  • Flexible, fast turnaround time for stamp production

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Thanks to Twikit cars are no longer solely about transportation; cars become customized machines of beauty. Bespoke to reflect the driver’s taste, Twikit can create a unique sensibility and space—becoming a distinct pleasure instead of a generic ride.

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