Light weight structures


Lose weight, gain aesthetics

One of the big automotive challenges is reducing vehicle weight in order to lower emissions or to lengthen battery life. Each and every auto part counts when it comes to weight savings, but skimping on aesthetics is not possible for demanding car buyers.

With 3D-printed auto parts (based on open, lattice-style structures) not only can weight be minimized, but the general look of the part can stand out, too. Complex patterns and open structures are easy to customize. By incorporating parametric design concepts, parts can have a totally different look when some parameters are changed.

Twikit technology prevents parts from being over-modified by applying limitations to the customization process. For example, a part’s strength is key. Each and every part (including the customization options) will be assed for its strength and durability

  • Parametric design to the fullest
  • High impact aesthetics
  • Strength and durability guaranteed through limitations in design options
  • Double digit weight savings possible

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Thanks to Twikit cars are no longer solely about transportation; cars become customized machines of beauty. Bespoke to reflect the driver’s taste, Twikit can create a unique sensibility and space—becoming a distinct pleasure instead of a generic ride.

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