A new dimensions to exterior customization

For long, the only thing that could be changed about a car’s appearance was the exterior color and trim lines. Nevertheless, most people still want something they can personally identify with.

The rim inserts can be manufactured with additive technologies based on polymer or metal finishes with many different technologies such as coating, dyeing, vaporfusing, painting or even 2D printing directly on the part. Next to additive manufacturing also CNC, laser engraving and cutting are applied to create truly unique parts  

  • Ideal for applying structures, patterns and surface tactility
  • High impact on aesthetics and general styling of the rim
  • Many different materials and finishes possible
  • Strength and durability guaranteed by limitations in design options

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Thanks to Twikit cars are no longer solely about transportation; cars become customized machines of beauty. Bespoke to reflect the driver’s taste, Twikit can create a unique sensibility and space—becoming a distinct pleasure instead of a generic ride.

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