Stickering and wrapping


The adaptable way an appearance can be massively transformed

For long, the only thing that could be changed about a car’s appearance was the exterior color. Now, the car exterior’s vast surface holds the opportunity to go beyond the paint to create something unique.

Putting stickers on a car has been taking place for almost two decades but today stickering and wrapping is hotter than ever. Many sports cars (or at least cars that have been designed with sporty aspirations) are outfitted with stickers these days. But those are standard stickers: the same for each model or trim line.

With the Twikit customization applications for stickering and wrapping, customers (or sales advisors) can compose or design their own styling whether it is based on striping and lettering or creative patterns and color styles.

With stickering, designs are digitally generated in a customer-friendly front-end to be cut out or printed on automotive grade foils. Wrapping is realized by direct printing on car wrapping foil. Both technologies offer endless possibilities with high visual impact.

  • Ideal for high visual impact on the car exterior with color and design concepts
  • Proven technologies made accessible for easy to use and scalable personalization
  • Strength and durability guaranteed by industry standards for automotive use

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Thanks to Twikit cars are no longer solely about transportation; cars become customized machines of beauty. Bespoke to reflect the driver’s taste, Twikit can create a unique sensibility and space—becoming a distinct pleasure instead of a generic ride.

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